Venezuela Newslinks 24 April 2019

24 April 2019 18:38 — The New Dark Age

Venezuelan Authorities Identify 5 Electrical System Saboteurs

Activists Protect DC Venezuelan Embassy from US-supported Coup

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Book Review: A Duty to Resist: When Disobedience Should Be Uncivil

24 April 2019 — True Publica

Book Review: A Duty to Resist: When Disobedience Should Be Uncivil by Candice Delmas
Via LSE review of books: In A Duty to Resist: When Disobedience Should Be Uncivil, Candice Delmas aims to foster understanding of resistance to injustice as a capacious concept that can include the possibility of lawful dissent, principled disobedience and revolution. This is a provocative and rewarding contribution to the literature, writes Suzanne Smith, that is particularly valuable for its attention to the question of the situational conditions of obligatory, potentially uncivil resistance. 

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The Deep State vs. WikiLeaks By Pepe Escobar

19 April 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

The non-stop demonization of Julian Assange will proceed unabated, faithful to guidelines established over a decade ago, Pepe Escobar writes.

The Made by FBI indictment of Julian Assange does look like a dead man walking. No evidence. No documents. No surefire testimony. Just a crossfire of conditionals.

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Julian Assange Exposed the Crimes of Powerful Actors, Including Israel A Review By Alison Weir

24 April 2019 — Global Research – If Americans Knew

Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange is incarcerated in a UK prison that has been called “Britain’s Guantanamo.” His crime was exposing actions the US government, the media, the Democratic–Clinton machine, Israel, and others wanted kept hidden, including war crimes and torture.


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5G: The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

24 April 2019 — True Publica

5G: The Dominoes Are Starting To Fall

Going on from one of the most read stories published by TruePublica on the health effects of the latest technology 5G (What you don’t know about 5G but will find out when its too late) long-time United Nations staff member Claire Edwards summarizes worldwide developments in the 5G situation. While still far from a victory claim, there is much to be hopeful about as millions around the world deepen involvement and take a stand for our shared future. As you read this, don’t forget that 5G is being launched in multiple cities across the UK in 2019.

By Claire Edwards: How do you stop the rollout of a 12 trillion dollar technology promoted by one of the most profitable industries on the planet and bulldozed through by the EUFCC and the whole UN, most notably its WiFi enablers, WHO and ITU?

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Planning Can Save the Planet: China Chooses Renewable Energy By Sara Flounders

24 April 2019 — Global Research

The very corporations that are responsible for the problem are denying global warming, with immediate consequences for the whole world.

Carbon emissions from the burning of oil, gas and methane are heating the planet, creating a crisis of rising sea levels, droughts, extreme weather, poisoned ground water and polluted air that puts all life at risk.

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Libya Newslinks 24 April 2019

24 April 2019 — The New Dark Age

Terrorists in Libya try to carry out expansion to neighboring countries, Lavrov says

Large Military Reinforcements Join the Libyan National Army in the Battle to Liberate Tripoli from Militias

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Why the United States has a special relationship with Israel. It’s not the Israeli lobby By Stephen Gowans

24 April 2019 — What’s Left

Israel does Washington’s dirty work in Syria where US law limits the Pentagon’s actions, former US envoy reveals

In his book A World Without Islam, former Kabul CIA station chief, Graham E. Fuller, argues that the 9/11 and other attacks on the United States by aggrieved Muslims would have occurred even in a world without Islam, because the attacks were a reaction against US imperialism, and were not a product of the attackers’ religion. It “would be a mistake,” wrote Fuller, “to consider Islam as the source of the resistance; otherwise we would have to believe that if these Muslims were not Muslims, they would not be rebelling against foreign domination.” [1]

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Julian Assange Newslinks 23-24 April 2019

24 April 2019 — The New Dark Age

The Deep State vs. WikiLeaks By Pepe Escobar

Will Julian Assange ‘Team up’ With Trump to Bury Russiagate – and Just Maybe the Deep State – Once and for All? Continue reading

Edward Snowden on Julian Assange’s arrest and indictment

23 April 2019 — Defend Wikileaks

On Motherboard’s CYBER Podcast


…speaking of press freedom, there’s something that’s happened recently in the news with Julian Assange, and I know people immediately thought of you as well because you’re in asylum right now…

What was your perspective of how the us media has been dealing with this situation in particular, and how do you think this affects press freedom?

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