Assange BULLETIN – 2: 15 April 2019

15 April 2019 — 

  • Assange and Lula the same case to silence their voices, says Chomsky
  • If Assange is criminalized & incarcerated, you’ll never be free again, says George Galloway
  • Assange must face Swedish justice first: 70 UK MPs and peers
  • The US case against Assange could change the future of journalism
  • Journalists in the U.S. are concerned
  • ‘Surreally idiotic’: CAT FOR SPYING

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Glyphosate Worse Than We Could Imagine By F. William Engdahl

15 April 2019 — New Eastern Outlook


As new studies continue to point to a direct link between the widely-used glyphosate herbicide and various forms of cancer, the agribusiness lobby fights ferociously to ignore or discredit evidence of human and other damage. A second US court jury case just ruled that Monsanto, now a part of the German Bayer AG, must pay $ 81 million in damages to plaintiff Edwin Hardeman who contracted non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. The ruling and a line-up of another 11,000 pending cases in US courts going after the effects of glyphosate, have hit Bayer AG hard with the company announcing several thousand layoffs as its stock price plunges.

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Statewatch News Online, 15 April 2019 (09/19)

15 April 2019 — Statewatch

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Statewatch: Italy’s redefinition of sea rescue as a crime draws on EU policy for inspiration


1.   EU: Europol’s anti-terrorist unit demands removal of adverts, books, and more from web archives
2.   EU: Council wants a “comprehensive study” on data retention to get “a future legislative initiative”
3.   EU: Terrorist content online: Civil Liberties Committee improves but proposal still dangerous
4.   Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe (2-8.4.19)
5.   EU: MEPs make last-ditch attempt to halt mandatory fingerprinting of all ID holders
6.   EP: Civil Liberties Committee to adopt new Regulation on the European Border and Coast Guard
7.  Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe (26.3-1.4.19)

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Brexit – The truth about the economy and what’s next

15 April 2019 — True Publica

Last December, TruePublica broke the news that the mainstream media had either misunderstood or blatantly misquoted a very particular study about the real cost of Brexit. The most accurate of reports of that study in the MSM stated that –Theresa May’s Brexit deal is expected to cost the UK economy as much as £100bn over the next decade compared with remaining in the EU, according to one of the country’s leading economic thinktanks.”

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Venezuela Newslinks 14-15 April 2019

15 April 2019 — The New Dark Age

US Military Attack on Venezuela Mulled by Top Trump Advisors and Latin American Officials at Private DC Meeting

Venezuela has not yet transferred debt payment to Russia, says deputy minister

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Hands Off Venezuela: Pence Bullies Venezuela at UN Security Council. U.S. Peace Council Contradicts Western Media Distortions By Carla Stea

14 April 2019 — Global Research

In a March 26 United Nations press briefing strong on fact and devoid of bigotry, the United States Peace Council, headed by Bahman Azad, just returned from their recent visit to Venezuela, presented an eyewitness account of realities on the ground in Venezuela.  Their factual information drastically contradicted Western media distortions and propaganda intended to discredit the government of President Maduro.  The panel included Dr. Margaret Flowers a pediatrician and co-Director of Popular, Attorney Kevin Zeese, also co-director of Popular, Sara Flounders of the International Action Center and  founder of the organization No War on Venezuela.

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