“Who are these Yankees?” Maradona blasts U.S. meddling: Venezuela Roundup – 12

1 April 2019 — 

  • Maduro announces power rationing, blames opposition for violence and chaos
  • Guaido awaits army support, informs BBC
  • Guaido dismisses report of Russian troops in Venezuela
  • No one is showing up for pro-Guaido protests
  • Very happy, says U.S. envoy on India cutting Venezuela oil import
  • “Who are these Yankees?” Maradona blasts U.S. meddling in Venezuela
  • Lavrov dismisses U.S. threat
  • Caracas mayor calls for popular demo

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Ten Years Since the Death of Ian Tomlinson, the Police Have Done Nothing to Regain Public Trust by Sam Walton

1 April 2019 — Novara Media

On 1 April 2009, in the midst of a huge protest against the G20 summit in London, newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson was violently assaulted by Metropolitan police officer Simon Harwood. This was an unprovoked attack, causing severe internal bleeding that led to Tomlinson’s death.

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Is Washington Preparing the Groundwork for a Maidan Scenario in Venezuela? By Robert Bridge

1 April 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Venezuela is home to the largest oil deposits in the world, which makes the political stakes involved much higher than they would be otherwise. Enter Juan Guaidó, Washington’s puppet leader in Caracas, who will be attempting to rally the country against legitimate (i.e., democratically elected by the people) President Nicolas Maduro next month.

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China – and Macron’s U-Turn By Peter Koenig

1 April 2019 — New Eastern Outlook


Less than a week ago, President Macron was lambasting Italy for signing agreements with China in the context of their New Silk Road, alias President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), in the same breath he was criticizing China for attempting to undermine Europe with new trade individual country deals under the pretext of BRI. However, Italy, also scolded by Brussels for her single-handed deals with China, was, in fact, the first G7 country for signing a number of contracts with China to use Italian ports under the BRI, making Italy also the first official EU partner of China’s BRI.

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Class struggle and socialism are the only answer to the Brexit crisis

1 April 2019 — WSWS

The prospect of leaving the European Union has provoked the deepest crisis of rule in the post-war history of British imperialism. But the great danger is that the working class is not only being prevented from intervening in its own interests, it is being divided against itself and politically subordinated to one or the other of two right-wing pro-capitalist factions.

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Statewatch News Online, 1 April 2019 (08/19)

1 April 2019 — Statewatch

Also available as a pdf file: http://www.statewatch.org/news/2019/mar/email-1-apr.pdf

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1.    EU: New Roles for Frontex agreed – including returning non-EU nationals to non-EU countries
2.    Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe (19-25.3.18
3.   EU: “Policing in a Connected World”: Council to help police access “Novel Actionable Information”
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31 March 2019 — planningmotivedotcom

Pioneered and honed in the British Labour Party, now extended to the US Democratic Party

Israeli sponsored Zionism excels in political white noise. Every-time the State of Israel engages in an atrocity or is being accused of an atrocity, the anti-Semitic volume control is turned up to drown out what is happening. When the brave Palestinians in Gaza decided to rattle their cage to draw the world’s attention to their plight and were shot down by their jailers, the accusations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party were ratcheted up to unbalance the party and deflect this crime. Now that the International Criminal Court is about to charge Israel with war crimes, the accusations of anti-Semitism are once again flying everywhere.

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