Venezuela Newslinks 5-6 April 2019

6 April 2019 20:48 — The New Dark Age

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U.S. Admits It Cannot Attack Venezuela – Confirmed S-300 Anti-Air Systems

Trump Regime Considering Aggression against Venezuela?

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No Alarms and No Surprises? What Lyft’s Slump Tells Us About Modern Capitalism by James Meadway

6 April 2019 — Novara Media

Ride-hailing app Lyft’s initial public offering (IPO) last week saw the company valued at $24.3bn in its first day of trading shares – before crashing back below its $72-a-share initial purchase price, where it has knocked around for the rest of the week. Short-sellers (those betting on further price falls) have reportedly gone into “overdrive”, whilst the post-offer price slump has been flagged as a significant warning for tech investors in general.

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Q&A: Manipulators, Optimism, Utopia, Trump, Writing Tips & More By Caitlin Johnstone

6 April 2019 — Caitlin Johnson

While we’re all waiting to find out what’s happening with Julian Assange, I thought it might be fun to do a little Q & A with my readers to pass the time while that singularly important crisis resolves. I asked for some questions on social media and got way more than I had expected. Here are a few of the ones that jumped out:

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Venezuela: Defending the Revolution

5 April 2019 — Internationalist 360°

Trump is threatening Venezuela with military intervention, Venezuelans are not waiting to organise themselves to be ready to confront any threats that they may face, both from inside and outside the country.

redfish got exclusive access to the People’s Militia in Venezuela to hear from those prepared to defend their revolution.

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Samir Amin – organic internationalist

17 March 2019 — Youtube

“In our era, when we consider the destructive (ecological and military) might at the disposal of the powers-that-be, the risk, denounced by Marx in his time, that war will end up destroying all the opposing camps, is real. On the other hand, there is a second path that demands the lucid and organized intervention of the internationalist front of workers and peoples.”

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Guaido Set to Enact Uprising Rooted in US Regime-Change Operations Manual By Whitney Webb

29 March 2019 — Mint Press

With its hands tied when it comes to military intervention, only covert actions — such as those described in the RED Team document — are likely to be enacted by the U.S. government, at least at this stage of its ongoing “regime change” effort in Venezuela.

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Invisible Leviathan – Marx’s law of value in the twilight of capitalism By michael roberts

6 April 2019 — Michael Roberts Blog

My foreword to Invisible Leviathan, by Professor Murray Smith of Brock University, Ontario, Canada, published by Brill in November 2018.   Relevant, I think, to my recent presentation on the contribution of Marx to economics made at the Rethinking Economics conference at Greenwich University, London.

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