5G: The Big Picture By Dr. Jeremy Naydler

29 April 2019 — Children’s Health DefenseNew ViewGlobal Research

Increasingly intense exposure of the natural environment and all living creatures, including ourselves, to more and more electromagnetic radiation.

5G From Space

In November of 2018, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) authorised the rocket company SpaceX, owned by the entrepreneur Elon Musk, to launch a fleet of 7,518 satellites to complete SpaceX’s ambitious scheme to provide global satellite broadband services to every corner of the Earth.

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Heading For A Different Planet: Global Warming, Propaganda-Journalism And The Definition Of Insanity

29 April 2019 — Greanville PostMedia Lens

By David Cromwell • Originally published 26 Mar 2013 • Revised and corrected on 27 April 2019 •

Our thanks to Jenna Collins for her generous assistance in spotting defects in original version.

No event is exempt from manipulation, including those that can lead to major wars. Coverage of this type ushered America’s participation in World War I.  Some argue now that the Lusitania disaster, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11 were probably examples of “passive false flags.”

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Sri Lanka: US-Saudi Terror Behind Deadly Blasts By Tony Cartalucci

29 April 2019 — New Eastern Outlook
As predicted, the Sri Lankan Easter Day blasts which killed hundreds and injured hundreds more – have been connected to the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS).

DIA 2012Confession 1
US Ambassador to Sri Lanka – Alaina Teplitz – would openly claim foreign groups were most likely behind the attacks. Reuters in an article titled, “Foreign groups likely behind Sri Lanka attacks, U.S. ambassador says,” would report:

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The European elections and the revival of class struggle By Ulrich Rippert

29 April 2019 — WSWS

Four weeks before the European elections are due to take place in late May, there is very little of any campaign in many European countries. In Germany, the various parties represented in the German parliament are hanging up election posters that are virtually identical. The demands raised are largely interchangeable. Election meetings are not taking place because of fears that hardly anyone will turn up.

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Statewatch News Online, 29 April 2019 (10/19)

29 April 2019 — Statewatch

Also available as a pdf file: http://www.statewatch.org/news/2019/apr/email-29-april.pdf

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1.  EU: Police press ahead with efforts to automate cross-border information-sharing
2.  EU: National security and fundamental rights: problems with definitions and the rule of law
3.  SPAIN: Ethnic profiling in Catalonia: for every police identity check on a Spanish national
4.  Refugee crisis: latest news from across Europe (9-15.4.19)


1.   EU lawmakers rubber-stamp European Defence Fund, give up parliamentary veto
2.   UK: Self-harm in detention centre up threefold in three years despite drop in population
3.   German Police launches “National Internet Referral Unit“
4.   MALTA: Media reports on foreign suspects show worrying trends, researchers say
5.   Case filed against Greece in Strasbourg Court over Crackdown on Humanitarian Organisations
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Declare a National Climate Emergency Now

29 April 2019 — extinction/rebellion

This Wednesday MPs will vote on whether to declare a national climate emergency.

After months of grassroots actions across the country from school students striking to Extinction Rebellion mobilising thousands across London, politicians have now begun to react to the urgency of the climate and ecological crisis.

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