Venezuela Newslinks 9 April 2019

9 April 2019 23:25 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting

Left-wing Venezuelan group offers a rare critique of their country’s government

An on-the-ground look at Venezuela’s ‘collapsing’ health service

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Libya Newslinks 9 April 2019

9 April 2019 23:20 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting

On its 70th Birthday, NATO Trembles from Within

Libya: From the Tribes of the Central and Southern Regions

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Libya File – 1 9 April 2019

9 April 2019 — 

  • Haftar’s Libyan National Army gains control of Yarmuk military camp
  • Battle for Tripoli is proceeding according to the operational plan, says LNA
  • LNA declares a no-fly zone over the western Libya
  • GNA vice president resigns
  • French President, GNA Prime Minister discuss Tripoli offensive
  • France of being behind Libya’s Tripoli war, accuses EU Parliament president
  • Paris reiterates support to GNA
  • Unmanageable situation waiting
  • Libya’s only functioning airport closed
  • U.S. oil rises to highest point since Halloween

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Did the NY Times Violate Its Own Code of Ethics to Feature Child of Venezuelan Coup Plotter? By Anya Parampil

9 April 2019 — Mint Press

Grayzone — When the New York Times approached me seeking permission to use video I recorded of the Washington DC “Hands Off Venezuela” protest on March 16, I hoped that somebody at the paper was seeking to atone for the Gray Lady’s demonstrably one-sided coverage of the US coup attempt against the internationally recognized Maduro government. Maybe, just maybe, the editors had had a rare bout of self-reflection and decided to produce something that gave voice to the many Americans who rejected the Trump administration’s brazen regime change operation against Venezuela.

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Iran floods reveal US hypocrisy, economic terrorism and “let ’em all die” policy By Ivan Kesić

9 April 2019 — Off Guardian

Since March 19th, devastating floods swept across large areas of Iran, triggered by the heaviest downpours in many years. Heavy rainfall began two and a half weeks ago, overflowing rivers, washing away bridges, inundating houses and destroying infrastructural establishments in the northern, western and central parts of the country.

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Socialism Has to Be Feminist or It Won’t Be Emancipatory: A Conversation with Indhira Libertad Rodriguez

9 April 2019 — Venezuela Analysis

In this interview, a young feminist intellectual looks at how feminism intersects with the anti-imperialist and anticapitalist struggles.

Indhira Libertad Rodriguez is a feminist researcher and sociologist. A member of the Araña Feminista (Feminist Spider network), she does human rights advocacy for women and sexually dissident groups. In this interview with Venezuelanalysis, Rodriguez discusses the specificity of the feminist struggle in Venezuela and the need for Bolivarian socialism to combat gender oppression.

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Time to shun the financial kakistocracy By Terry Bell

8 April 2019 — Terry Bell Writes

First published in City Press, Sunday, April 7

South Africa’s trade unions were probably just as confused as most people when a considerable fuss was made last week about the decisions of ratings agency Moody’s. The agency first said it would not publicise its views on South Africa’s status before the May 8 elections. Days later, it changed tack.

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The geopolitics of oil in the Trump era By Thierry Meyssan

9 April 2019 — Voltaire Network

The United States have become the leading world producer of hydrocarbons. As from now, they are using their dominant position exclusively to maximise their profits, and do not hesitate to eliminate their major rivals in oil production, plunging their citizens into misery. Although in the past, access to Middle East oil was a vital necessity for their economy (Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr.), then a market over which they presided (Clinton), and then again a failing ressouce whose supply they wanted to control (Bush Jr., Obama), hydrocarbons have now become black gold (Trump). Thierry Meyssan retraces the evolution of this bloody market.

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ISIS/Al Qaeda in the Middle East and Ukraine’s “Neo-Nazis”: Two Sides of the Imperial Coin By Mark Taliano

9 April 2019 — Global Research

Western-supported ISIS/al Qaeda and western-supported neo-Nazis are two sides to the same Imperial coin.

They are the product of the West’s moral degradation, its disdain for international law, and its anti-Life core. A rotten apple by any measure.

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In leaked court testimony, Assange denounces his illegal detention By Oscar Grenfell

9 April 2019 — WSWS

On Sunday, Cassandra Fairbanks, an online journalist, published an article containing previously unreleased testimony from Julian Assange at a court hearing last October.

The WikiLeaks founder and his lawyers had issued a legal challenge, seeking an urgent injunction to block an Ecuadorian government protocol, imposed earlier that month, which banned him from making any political statements, and placed a series of other restrictions on his asylum. In a highly political decision, the case was dismissed late last year.

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