Liberating Tripoli

7 April 2019 —

The United Nations and media are portraying the current situation in Libya as a conflict between disputing parties that requires diplomacy, peaceful negotiations and various forms of foreign interference, whether through diplomatic or military intervention.

Their concern is not the protection of Libyan civilians, but their own exploitative geopolitical interests.

The truth is that the war in Tripoli is not between Libyans, but the Libyan people and Libya’s legitimate army against the foreign aggressor and their terrorist proxies.

The Libyan situation is a parallel to that of Syria, where legitimate government forces are engaged in the military defense of their country under attack from US-EU-NATO occupation forces and their Islamic State proxies fighting under  “da’esh” umbrella organizations, which in Libya, include the LIFG.

For this reason, statements from the popular movements, the tribes and their news agencies, are reliable references in the struggle to bring the truth of what is happening to the world.

This struggle deserves international support and solidarity.

Alexandra Valiente

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