Syria News Links 31 October – 1 November 2019

1 November 2019 • 15:25  — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Dozens Of U.S.-led Coalition Trucks Arrive In Large Airstrip In Eastern Aleppo (Video)

Turkish, Russian Forces Conduct First Joint Patrol In Northeast Syria (Photos)

First joint patrolling of Russia and Turkey in Syria lasts four hours

Five Years On, Saudi Attacks on Yemen’s Farmers Are Pushing the Whole Country into Famine

Questions Remain Over Alleged Death of Islamic State Leader

The Baghdadi Scam

Trump’s Plan to Pillage Syrian Oil, Blatant Violation of International Law

Russian diplomat warns White Helmets plotting to stage new false flags in Syria

US actions ‘to pump oil out of Syria’ to the tune of $30 mln per month illegal — diplomat

The Middle East’s New Post-Regime Change Future

Russian, Turkish militaries launch joint patrols in Syria

The Syrian Constitution Committee Is Formed: The Easy Part

Rebuilding Syria – without Syria’s oil

Al-Qaeda, Turkish-Backed Militants Launch Large-Scale Attack In Northern Lattakia

The Lebanese ‘Canary in the Mine’ Is Signalling Mid-East Trouble Ahead

Russian intel says ironclad evidence of IS ringleader’s death hasn’t been provided

Reagan Official Says Cut Military Spending!

Russia’s Orion attack drone arrives for troops after Syria experience — source

Baghdadi, the Invisible Leader of a Fake Army

Lavrov says Kurdish issue must not inflame tensions in the region

US Intensifies Geopolitical Struggle Over Syria

Video: Turkish Forces Advance Further South of Ras Al-ayn

Trump Slides an American Foot in the Door in Syria

Rebuilding Syria – Without Syria’s Oil

Who Is the Unknown Jihadist Named as Islamic State’s New Caliph?

Militants shell 14 Syrian settlements in past 24 hours — Russian reconciliation center

Syria: Who is Winning the End-Game?

U.S. soldiers enter Syria and U.S. armored vehicles near Syria-Turkey border

Who is the Unknown Jihadist Named as Islamic State’s New Caliph?

Turkey hands over 18 Syrian servicemen to Russia

Syrian Constitutional Committee unable to agree on members of closed-door meetings so far

‘Americans will RESPAWN al-Baghdadi’: Assad casts doubt on ISIS leader’s death, draws parallels with Bin Laden’s killing

ISIS names new leader, confirming al-Baghdadi’s death – reports

In Video: Syrian T-72 Survives Strike Of Anti-Tank Guided Missile Launched By Militants

Armed Drones Intercepted Near Russia’s Hmeimim Airbase

Turkey Releases Captured Syrian Soldiers Following Talks With Russia (Video)

Syrian Army Returns To Tell Tamr Vicinity With Heavy Weapons (Video)

Syrian War Report – October 31, 2019: Turkish Forces Advance Further South Of Ras Al-Ayn

U.S. Prepares To Deploy Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles In Syria’s Deir Ezzor (Photos)

In Video: Russian Airstrikes Wipe Out Large Underground Ammo Depot In Idlib

Military Situation In Syria On October 31, 2019 (Map Update)

SDF Recaptures Five Villages South Of Ras Al-Ayn From Turkish-backed Militants

Syrian Defense Ministry Calls On SDF Fighters To Join Army Ranks

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