COLDTYPE Issue 194 Mid-November 2019 – is now online

8 November 2019 — Coldtype

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ASSANGE’S TRIALS: The mainstream media has abandoned Julian Assange to the US revenge-seekers, but ColdType (along with many other alternative media organisations) is seeking justice for the whistleblower. In our cover story, Lee Camp highlights 18 ways in  which Assange has changed the world, while John Pilger tells of the travesty of justice that saw Assange detained again in anticipation of deportation to the US. We also have a 6-page Special Report – Unfair media: State stenography & shameful silence  – by David Cromwell; while Robert MacDonald looks at the misery of the ‘gig economy’ portrayed in Ken Loach’s new film, Sorry We Missed You. James Carroll wonders what lessons the West has learned from the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago; Ted Rall tells why he is disgusted by the US assassination of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi; and Vijay Prashad explains why South America is rejecting neoliberalism. We’ve also got photos from actor Jeff Bridges, a poem from Philip Kraske, and contributions from Caitlin Johnstone, Conn Hallinan, Jonathan Cook, and much more . . .

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