WATCH: Wikileaks Documents Further Discredit OPCW

21 January 2020 — Off Guardian

This video, made by RT, is a great rundown on the current state of the OPCW’s “official report” on the Douma incident. Put it simply: it is in tatters.

The OPCW’s reputation has been hanging by thread ever since the Working Group on Propaganda in Syria uncovered the “dissenting opinion” of Ian Henderson, and OPCW employee who authored a report claiming the Douma scene had been staged.

Atlantic Council propagandists claimed at the time that Henderson was a “disgruntled employee” and wasn’t an “official part of the fact-finding mission” (whatever that means), and so his opinion didn’t count.

This (nonsensical) opinion was discredited when it was revealed that, actually, Henderson was an official part of the fact-finding mission after all.

Further Wikileaks releases have shown over 20 other dissenting opinions, all disregarded in the OPCW “Final Report”. These included biologists and chemists

The crowning glory is the release of confidential e-mail, where a high-up at the OPCW is demanding Henderson’s report be stripped from the archive before anyone sees it.

Please get this document out of DRA [Documents Registry Archive]… And please remove all traces, if any, of its delivery/storage/whatever in DRA”

It’s all a bit of a mess really.

Russia discussed the current status of the OPCW at the UN Security Council today:

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