New at Strategic Culture Foundation 19-25 May 2013: Syria / Yugoslavia / Balkans / Bahrain / EU Caucasus-CIA / Afghanistan

25 MAy 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

US Makes Syria an ‘Offer it Can’t Refuse’ – again

25.05.2013 | 07:45 | Finian CUNNINGHAM

In Mafia terms, it’s called «making an offer that can’t be refused». The «offer» is not one of free choice between options that may benefit the object party. In reality, it is about setting up a scenario of duress, under which the object party is coerced to capitulate to detrimental terms of extreme prejudice determined cynically by the other party. This is the scenario that Washington and its NATO allies are contriving for the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad…more

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Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: October 7, 2011

7 October 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Panetta Praises NATO ‘Success’ In Afghanistan And Libya, Pushes Missile Shield
  • U.S. Army In Europe Pre-Deployed For Wars In Africa, Asia, Balkans
  • Pentagon Chief Applauds Stationing Of Interceptor Missiles Warships In Spain
  • India Studies NATO Offer To Join Global Missile Shield Program
  • U.S.-NATO Missile System Can Threaten Russia’s Strategic Potential
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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 23-30 July 2011

30 July 2011 — Strategic Culture Foundation

A US-Iran pantomime over Iraq
30.07.2011 | 10:25 | Melkulangara BHADRAKUMAR
 Al-Qaeda’s virulent Wahhabi, anti-Shi’ite ideology is sheer poison for Iran…The US has sought and obtained Iran’s acquiescence in its strategies in Iraq ever since the invasion in 2003…The “pro-West” Persian Gulf states are terrified of Shi’ite empowerment, for which they blame US misadventure in Iraq. On the other hand, Israel is hopping mad that it faces regional isolation and Obama isn’t resolute about vanquishing Iranian influence, especially in next-door Egypt, which used to be Israel’s playpen. And, of course, Israel dreads to think Iran may gain direct access to the Levant via Iraq…

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Updates on Libyan war/Stop NATO news: July 9, 2011

9 July 2011 — Stop NATO

  • Caribbean Community Heads Of State Condemn NATO’s War On Libya
  • Romanian President: Would Have Joined Hitler’s Invasion Of Russia
  • Counterinsurgency: U.S. Marines Conduct Training In Eight Black Sea, Balkans Countries
  • Israel’s Netanyahu, Military Follow U.S. And NATO Into Bulgaria
  • New NATO-EU Adjunct: Weimar Triangle Combat Group
  • NATO Tankers Attacked In Pakistan

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NATO Incorporates Libyan Experience For Global War Template By Rick Rozoff

18 June 2011 — Stop NATO

stop-nato-logo.jpgAs the West’s war against Libya has entered its fourth month and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has flown more than 11,000 missions, including 4,300 strike sorties, over the small nation, the world’s only military bloc is already integrating lessons learned from the conflict into its international model of military intervention based on earlier wars in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq. Continue reading

9/11 AND AMERICA’S “WAR ON TERRORISM”By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

26 May 2011 — Global Research

PREFACE. Read the critical research on 9/11 in this important book

The livelihood of millions of people throughout the World is at stake. It is my sincere hope that the truth will prevail and that the understanding provided in this detailed study will serve the cause of World peace. This objective, however, can only be reached by revealing the falsehoods behind America’s “War on Terrorism” and questioning the legitimacy of the main political and military actors responsible for extensive war crimes.

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3 May 2011 — Greanville Post

(ROME-BELGRADE) NATO seems to find Serbia’s autonomy outrageous, its semi-neutrality unacceptable, its modernity anomalous and above all its path to progress dangerous. For North Atlantic Treaty planners and schemers, Serbia—maverick, outsider, rebel—is an infectious disease to be eradicated. Serbia must be chained, normalized and integrated with the rest of Europe as are most southeastern European lands. Serbia’s neutral existence is an affront, an obstacle to a final solution of the thorny Balkan conundrum.

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Strategic culture foundation online magazine latest publications from 6-12 June, 2010

Iran and the Balkans: Russia Risks Making the Same Mistakes
“The recent UN Security Council resolution slapping new sanctions on Iran is likely to become the worst defeat suffered by the Russian diplomacy over the past years. Its negative impact may be persistent and more serious than that of the proclamation of Kosovo’s independence to which Russia continues objecting… Will the US and the EU return the favor — for example, in the form of concessions in Kosovo, Caucasus, or energy politics? Based on the Balkan experience, it is clear that they will not…”

Weak Europe
“The world is facing a second wave of the global economic meltdown, with Europe being in the front line of it… A default threat is almost imminent in Spain and Portugal, and Italy and Belgium are also approaching serious financial problems. Macroeconomic settings defined by the Maastricht Treaty appear to have less in common with the current model of the European social and economic development…”

The Conundrum of the South Korean Corvette (II)
“The report on the sinking of S. Korea’s Cheonan corvette claiming that the tragedy had been caused by a torpedo fired by a N. Korean submarine caused further escalation on the Korean Peninsula… At this point the question arises naturally what force could have been behind the Cheonan incident and in whose interests it was inflated to become a global problem… Whoever is actually responsible for the Cheonan tragedy, the very developments warrant the hypothesis that they are a result of careful a priori planning…”

Letters On the New START Treaty (I)
“Making any steps in the nuclear arms sphere, Russia should be aware that its future and sovereignty depend entirely on the preservation of its second strike capability in a conflict with any aggressor or groups of aggressors… In case the New Start is ratified, the corresponding federal law should state what extent of development and what architecture of the US missile defense warrants Russia’s withdrawal from the Treaty…”

Death Masked as Narcotics
“On June 9-10, Moscow will host the “Drug Production in Afghanistan: A Challenge for the International Community” international forum. Every year, the opium exported from Afghanistan kills up to 100,000 people worldwide, more than died in the Hiroshima atomic bombing. Russia as the country through which the main drug trafficking routes run is affected to the greatest degree – its annual death toll attributable to heroin from Afghanistan is estimated at 30,000…”

Russia to Build Nuclear Power Plant in Turkey
“Russian Prime Minister V. Putin will visit Istanbul on June 8. Last May Russian President D. Medvedev signed a landmark agreement in Ankara by which Russia would within the coming 7 years construct Turkey’s first nuclear power plant… On the whole, the Russian nuclear energy sector must be credited with major success for winning the contract to construct the Akkuyu nuclear power plant, especially in the light of the fact that Turkey is a NATO country with special ties with the US…”

The Balkan Mountain Has Brought Forth Burmese a Mouse
“The widely advertised EU – Balkan summit in Sarajevo turned out a complete farce… Even the previous – and also quite ridiculous – Brdo summit, which Serbia chose to ignore and the EU top brass eventfully did not bother to attend, deserved greater attention. Even in Brdo the European decision-makers did not avoid facing problems to the same extent as they did in Sarajevo…”

Nuclear Factor in International Relations and the “Iranian Problem”
“The “Iranian problem” puts serious obstacles in the way of adopting an internationally coordinated horizontal non-proliferation program. Iran, a Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty signatory, is confronted with a kind of “guilt presumption”: it is forced to prove its innocence on various counts. Washington invokes the Iranian nuclear program to justify its support for Israel, and Israel cites Ahmadinejad’s militant rhetoric to exact the support from the US, indicating that it can attack Iran’s nuclear installations unilaterally…”

Rafe MAIR (Canada)
All is well if you can see Russia from here!
“Sarah Palin, erstwhile Governor of Alaska, once mayor of the village of Wasilla, who didn’t know that Korea was divided and who claimed international experience because Russia is visible from Alaska, came uncomfortably close to being a heart beat from the White House. As I will argue, she might even get closer to that in 2012…”

Obama 2010: Where do you go from a dead end?
“As California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger once deftly responded when facing a barrage of criticism over a particular policy, “When both the Left and the Right are angry at you, you know you’re doing something right.” A casual observer might expect President Obama to borrow Schwarzenegger’s formulation very soon, given the disaffection now surrounding him from all sides. Alas, Obama’s executive record is by now so compromised by concessions to special interests that he cannot play Schwarzenegger’s card with a straight face…”

Strategic Culture Foundation online magazine latest publications 21-25 March, 2010

Strategic Culture Foundation

Aleksandr SALITZKY
Vladimir TATSIY
China’s Accelerating Economic Growth (II)
“ China’s huge package of economic stimuli continues to draw attention worldwide. The investments into manufacturing assets in 2009 totaled 22 trillion yuan, a 30.1% hike compared to 2008 The super-ambitious investment plan intended to keep the Chinese economy crisis-free is being implemented with the active involvement of the country’s banking system. State banks play the central role in the process”

OAS without US. An Alternative
“The Mexican city Cancun has recently played host to the 23-rd summit of… the Rio Group. The summit meeting took a sensational decision to set up yet another regional organization, – Comunidad de Estados Latinoamericanos y Caribeos (CELAC), or a Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. A future organization will basically differ from the OAS in that it will not comprise the United States and Canada… The more obsessed the Empire is in fighting enemies all over the world, the more frequently that obsession backfires. Prospects for setting up CELAC, – an alternative Organization of American States without the USA, may result in the isolation of the United States proper on the American continent…”

The Afghan dilemma
“The formation of a coalition government with Taliban is unlikely: they will likely to insist on changing political regime and on the establishment of the Islamic emirate. Anyway the authorities will have to negotiate with Taliban leaders who are defining the fate of the movement and the military situation in the country… It is the Afghan government which should negotiate with Taliban while other parties concerned including the US should only create conditions for that. London is especially active. It was the UKs authorities organized talks between Kabul and Taliban in October 2008 in Saudi Arabia… The settlement of the Afghan issue depends on many states including Afghanistan neighbors and here we see different interests. Moscow supports the North of Afghanistan, Tashkent supports Afghan Uzbeks headed by General Dustom, Iran supports Shiites (Khazar tribes) and Pakistan is close to Pushtu people. Teheran is concerned with the US pressure and Islamabad does not mind having a friendly regime in Kabul and being able to restrain India. Beijing is not showing its interests regarding the situation in Afghanistan…”

Aleksandr SHUSTOV
Manageable chaos for Central Asia
“It is becoming more clear why in addition to its military base at Manas international airport near Bishkek, the US is going to have a military training center in Batken region of Kyrgyzstan… a new US military base in the heart of Asia is first of all needed in case of military confrontation between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, and not to meet the current tasks of the Afghan campaign…”

Iran’s nuclear policy and non-nuclear Middle East
“In 1995 the participants of the Conference dedicated to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT) approved a resolution to create in the Middle East a special zone free from the weapons of mass destruction. The resolution was accepted by all countries of the region, including Israel. However, today, the fact that Israel has nukes puts a major obstacle on the way to nuclear disarmament of the Middle East (Israel became a nuclear state with the help of France, Great Britain and the US). Despite the fact that the UN General Assembly approves resolutions on non-nuclear state of the Middle East, no progress on the issue can be seen so far…”

EU Failure in Brdo
“The heavily advertised EU-Balkan summit in Brdo, Slovenia, was plagued by scandals… The Brdo summit was the opening of the political year for the Balkans during which the West hopes to suppress the Bosnian and Kosovo Serbs’ residual resistance to the onslaught of the new world order…”

A US spy forces India to rethink
“The Indian public is shell-shocked by the United States move to strike a deal plea bargain in juridical parlance between its Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] and David Coleman Headley, who played a key role in the planning of the terrorist strike in Mumbai in November 2008 in which 166 people were killed… The Headley saga underscores the geopolitical reality that the US-British-Pakistani axis to engage the Taliban in Afghanistan holds lethal potency for Indias strategic interests…”