medConfidential Bulletin, 17th May 2021

17 May 2021 — MedConfidential

Let us tell you about the massive new GP data grab the Government would rather you didn’t hear about…

The countdown has already begun. The Government’s plan is to copy your entire GP medical history – including all the most sensitive parts – and make it available for third parties to apply for and buy access. Even though Matt Hancock Directed it to happen he’s not going to tell anyone about it. Neither will Boris.

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Google absorbs subsidiary with access to NHS patient data

15 November 2018 — True Publica
Google absorbs subsidiary with access to NHS patient dataTruePublica Editor: American behemoths such as Google, Facebook and other transnational corporations are now so big that ethics plays second fiddle to profit and legislators feel somehow emasculated to act in the public interest. Revolving doors obviously plays a role in the cesspit of modern day politics. These transnationals are breaking all the rules where anarchy by the rich and powerful is endemic to civil society.

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medConfidential Bulletin, 8th June 2018

8 June 2018 — MedConfidential

The UK’s new Data Protection Act, which implements the EU-wide General Data Protection Regulation, came into force on 25th May. Significant changes are underway, but how much will change in the NHS?

What just happened?

The day before GDPR came into effect, staff at NHS Digital were ordered not to release any “anonymised” patient data. Data releases were resumed the following day, but NHS Digital is still discussing what it terms “operational issues” (i.e. what patient information can now be considered “anonymous”) with the Information Commissioner’s Office. 

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Researching health companies: a web search guide By Caroline Molloy and Richard Whittell

17 June 2015 — ourNHS

How to uncover the facts about the companies involved in NHS privatisation – a joint OurNHS/Corporate Watch guide, and the first in a series of bite-sized OurNHS guides to NHS campaigning. 

The more you know about the companies carving up the NHS, the better you can campaign against them. Chances are your first port of call will be the internet. This introductory guide, from OurNHS openDemocracy and Corporate Watch, shows you how to get the information you need as quickly as possible.

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