Coronavirus: Early June graphs from Christopher Bowyer

5 June 2020 — Hector Drummond Magazine

Hector Drummond

Reader Christopher Bowyer has once again at the digital coalface making graphs, which he has sent to me. Some are based on NHS England data, and some on the ONS week 21 release.

(Bear in mind that ‘with Covid-19’ deaths includes any death where the deceased was suspected of having Covid-19, even if it was not thought to be the cause of death, so these numbers are probably inflated.)

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England Falsifies COVID Data: More than A Hundred Thousand Coronavirus Tests were “Double-counted”

24 May 2020 — Global Research

According to  The Daily Telegraph (May 21, 2020):  “samples taken from the same patient are being recorded as two separate tests in the Government’s official figures”.

“Tens of thousands of

Covid-19 tests

have been double-counted in the Government’s official tally, public health officials have admitted.

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Yes, the UK’s weekly death toll during Covid-19 is high

26 April 2020 — RT

But it’s been worse in the past and we didn’t shut down the economy then

By Peter Andrews, Irish science journalist and writer based in London. He has a background in the life sciences, and graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in genetics

The death statistics being used by supporters of a prolonged lockdown, whatever the costs to our jobs, businesses and health, need careful and sober analysis. They raise more questions than they answer.

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COVID-19: ‘It may turn out that the world has been deceived’ hints Russian Military Intelligence Agent

30 March 2020 — FRN

By Ekaterina Sazhneva

Ekaterina Sazhneva interviews renowned expert Alexander Evsin

Against the backdrop of the panic “We are all going to die!”, Terrifying revelations of doctors and patients, quarantined states and apocalyptic news from Italy, I want to hear the voice of common sense.

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66,000 UK deaths projected by ‘Institute’ has 95 per cent ‘uncertainty’ value

8 April 2020 — True Publica

By TruePublica: There are many headlines in a range of national newspapers across the spectrum reporting that Britain could see as many as 66,000 COVID-19 deaths during the first wave of the current pandemic. This is new research published Tuesday (07/04), effectively making the outbreak in Britain by far the deadliest in Europe. In fact, this report states that 43 per cent of all deaths in Europe from COVID-19 will be located in Britain. But does this American report have a hidden agenda?

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The “Alternative Media” Challenges Officialdom’s Views By Colin Todhunter

22 February, 2013Global Research


The mainstream media is under threat. And the threat is in the form of what is known as the ‘alternative media’. Decades ago, the ‘underground’ media took the form of pamphlets and booklets.

These days, it’s no longer ‘underground’ and you don’t need money to cover print and distribution costs. It’s very much alive and kicking above ground and is there for all to access on the net.

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