France’s New Anti-capitalist Party seeks to cover up its support for Middle East wars By Alex Lantier

13 August 2013 — WSWS

In an attempt to salvage what little remains of his “socialist” credentials, Professor Gilbert Achcar, a longtime associate of France’s New Anti-capitalist Party (NPA), has written an essay entitled “Inventive Illiteracy Amidst Petty Sectarianism.”

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Syria: One Country, Two Stories By William Bowles

3 March 2012

The battle that has been raging in the southern Syrian city of Homs and that now seems to have been resolved with a ‘win’ for the government, though it would seem at a terrible cost in lives, is now the subject of a follow-up by the MSM; how to care for the survivors, and, what exactly went on in Homs? This is how the BBCreported it: Continue reading

A rant against militant trade unionism By Alan Thornett

27 July 2011 — Socialist Resistance

A review of ‘Turbulent Times in the Car Industry – Memories of a Trade Union Official at Cowley Oxford’ by David Buckle. Paperback, 110 pages, £4.99. Published by David Buckle MBE April 2011. ISBN: 978-0-9568632-0-1.

Former Oxford TGWU full time trade union official David Buckle’s book ‘Turbulent Times in the Car Industry – Memories of a Trade Union Official at Cowley Oxford’ was published, in April this year, as a response to my book ‘Militant Years – car workers struggles in Britain in the 60s and 70s’ published in January,* though a direct reference to Militant Years is studiously avoided by Buckle.

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Spanish state: indignation in revolt

21 May 2011 — Socialist Resistance

Finally the spirit of revolt has come back to the Spanish state, after to years of weak resistance against the crisis and the decision of the two main unions, CCOO and UGT, to sign a social deal last January which stopped the dynamics of mobilisation they had begun with the general strike of 29 September – meaning that was in the end simply a one day deviation from their usual partnership unionism.

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