France at a Crossroads

24 January 2020 — The Bullet

Richard Greeman

The nationwide general strike in France, now entering its record seventh week, seems to be approaching its crisis point. Despite savage police repression, about a million people are in the streets protesting President Emmanuel Macron’s proposed neoliberal “reform” of France’s retirement system, established at the end of World War II and considered one of the best in the world. At bottom, what is at stake is a whole vision of what kind of society people want to live in – one based on cold market calculation or one based on human solidarity – and neither side shows any sign of willingness to compromise.

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Video: Turkey: Unionised workers call general strike as mass protests reach more than 67 cities

5 June 2013 — Links International Journal of socialist Renewal

June 4, 2013 — Real News Network — Today the uprisings witnessed a new development, when Turkey’s Confederation of Public Workers Unions, KESK, consisting of 11 unions and approximately 240,000 members, declared their decision to stage a massive two-day strike. The action, which was originally planned for a later date in response to labor law modifications, was rescheduled to June 4 now, in response to the government’s excessive use of police brutality and its increasingly undemocratic practices. For the full transcript, click HERE. Continue reading

Guided By Our Grandchildren By Jane Miller

28 December 2011 — In These Times

Paternoster Square, in the heart of London, is the grim and newish development owned by Mitsubishi. It contains the Stock Exchange, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and a wing of the London School of Economics (once the nursery of left politics, now a bastion of the right). It was there that the Occupy protestors planned to pitch their tents, but the police stepped in, and this ugly and unloved spot is now impenetrable to the public. The tents are now set up around the corner at St. Paul’s Cathedral; and if some feel that the squabbles behind those vast ecclesiastical doors have distracted from the protest itself, many are grateful for them.

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Insurgent Notes | The Next Step for Occupy Wall Street: Occupy Buildings, Occupy Workplaces

18 November 2011 — Insurgent Notes

Today, after two months of occupations and the attacks on the occupations in Portland, Oakland and now Manhattan, OWS might be crossing a new threshold–a massive convergence of students in Union Square and a working-class convergence in Foley Square attempting to give reality to the growing calls for a general strike. Continue reading

General Strike in Portugal in 24 November

16 November 2011

“We are facing a programme of true aggression against the workers, people and country. The measures presented are a calamity. If implemented, they would plunge the country even deeper in economic recession (with the government admitting that it may be around 3% in 2012), which, instead of reducing it, will only increase the debt burden.

With a deeper recession, we will enter a destructive cycle of austerity policies, added recession and higher debt, repeating what is already happening, namely in Greece, with disastrous outcomes for the workers, people and country, which are very visible today.”

Read the “manifesto” of the strike in English here:

Video: Mother of All Strikes: Greece Grinds to a Halt By grtv

21 October 2011 — GRTV

Greece is closed for 48 hours – flights are grounded, schools, shops and factories all quiet – as the country endures what’s being called the ‘mother of all strikes’. It’s arguably the biggest protest since the financial turmoil that’s crippling the country began – but more cuts could be coming.

Greece Newslinks 3-6 October 2011

6 October 2011 —

6 October 2011
Greece government workers stage protest strike
San Francisco Chronicle
As Greece struggles to avoid a catastrophic default, demonstrators in Athens expressed outrage over their misfortune and bewilderment at a crisis that shows no signs of easing. “Nobody knows what’s going on. Every day they say something different. …

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Videos: Organize, Counterattack! by the Communist Party of Greece

29 June 2011 — MRZine

“The Peoples Have the Power and Never Surrender.  Organize, Counterattack!” was the slogan written in Greek and in English on the banner that the All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME) hung from the Acropolis on 27 June, on the eve of the 48-hour strike against the barbaric anti-people measures of the social-democratic government, the EU, and the IMF that starts on Tuesday, 28 June and is expected to embrace every workplace. Continue reading