Carleton University (Canada) Student Group Launches Israel Divestment Drive (Statement)

28 January, 2010

The divestment report urging Carleton University to divest from companies implicated in Israel’s occupation and grave violations of human rights is a true gem for the BDS movement. The research, argumentation, corroboration and writing style are impeccable and deeply impressive.

In making the case for divestment from Israel, the SAIA report combines the best of both worlds: the commitment to truth and justice of the most sincere and far-sighted human rights defenders and the piercing logic of the most able lawyers.

SAIA’s time-honored commitment to just peace and international law, distinguished professionalism and creativity are truly inspiring. They build on the wonderful, pioneering divestment victory at Hampshire College last year to take divestment to the next level. This makes a superb model for the mushrooming divestment campaigns around the world.


Omar Barghouti Founding Member, PACBI

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PS: A divestment campaign at a fairly large US university (cannot disclose the name yet until the student leaders are ready) will soon be announced! Coming only months after Hampshire College’s divestment, this is the most compelling evidence yet that BDS is taking root in the US, where it matters MOST.

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Palestine: Tesco defends right to choose illegal settlement goods

Last Wednesday, June 10, Zoe Mars and Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, representing PSC’s Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions working group, had an hour-long meeting with Tesco’s Corporate Responsibility director Ruth Girardet and a member of her staff. This is a report of the meeting:

The Tesco representatives were keen to demonstrate that they were listening to our concerns, although they stressed several times that this was a “sensitive subject” and they would also be listening to people with quite different opinions. We took this as a hint that they have customers who lobby for more Israeli goods, including those from settlements.

We explained that the boycott campaign targets Israel as a whole and would do so as long as Israel acts with impunity, defying international law and human rights conventions. However, in this meeting we were concerned mainly to address the question of goods from the Occupied Palestinian Territories. They acknowledged that they do stock such goods.

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