UK: Your address, your fingerprints, your life

15 April, 2010 — Power2010

Dear Friend,
I value my freedom and my privacy. Do you?

Our government doesn’t. The ID card scheme passed by the last Parliament will mean over 50 categories of data being held on you, just one of which is all 10 of your fingerprints.

The ID database, or National Identity Register, will track every significant transaction you make for the rest of your life – and you will face stiff financial penalties if you don’t keep the official record on you up to date.

The database state treats citizens like criminal suspects. It’s intrusive, controlling and it’s just plain wrong.

Email your PPCs to tell them that you’re not a criminal and you don’t want to be treated like one.

Not only does the database state irrevocably alter the balance of power between state and citizen – by sanctioning official control of sensitive personal details it makes you and your family less safe.

Holding vast amounts of personal information and passing it around for administrative convenience makes you more vulnerable to fraud, errors, breaches, insider abuse and arbitrary consequences when the computer says NO.

Protect your freedom and your privacy. Say no to the database state:

Thank you
Phil Booth 

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