Shock and despair By William Gladys

10 December, 2010 — fuggingmonarchy

Shock & Despair on the faces of students when they heard the appalling result in the House of Commons

I have mentioned Shock & Despair in my title because of last night’s unvarying BBC reference on TV to the shock on the face of Camilla and Charles Battenberg.  

Well welcome to the real world my old profligates, where people boil their own eggs, do their own washing and ironing, squeeze their own toothpaste, dress themselves, use public transport, and queue, yes queue for buses and trains, while the general public get on with their day to day  business, without the lavish cost of  police outriders on motorbikes or armed police in a back up car, or constables holding up traffic at the inconvenience of everyone else.

Moreover, although the media and Clarence House will be frantic for an apology, I suggest that Charles Battenberg and the rest of the profligate royals offer an apology to the British public first for the outrageous and self-centred deal that was concluded secretly behind closed doors.

Why was there no parliamentary vote on whether or not these appallingly selfish and vastly rich royals should get yet more money from a hard pressed British tax-payer, at a time when the Queen’s government (not yours believe me), is asking everyone else to suffer severe hardship and cut backs?  Do not forget that these royal profligates are the richest money baggers in the nation and in my view do not deserve anything, let alone a vast undemocratic increase. After all, they can afford to pay their own way without the need for State benefits; they really should grow up and stand on their own tootsies and overcome this undignified Royal Dependency Thingy that is costing   us all too much.

I am referring of course to the perceived exorbitant yearly payments of more than £200 million of tax-payers hard earned cash to keep the royals in luxury, while masses of students are suffering unacceptable demands and huge long term debts.  No wonder angry students decided to target a couple who signify profligacy and waste in an intolerable divisive society that Britain’s now have;  a two tier state of affairs; intolerable financial apartheid is something that no decent person should ever be expected to endure.

Some commentators stated that, “protesting achieved nothing”. Wrong! Continual protesting will always have a constructive result; for example sending a word of warning to the Queen’s government, that the electorate will not always accept Willy Nilly, decisions that are considered unjust, ill thought out, downright unfair and arrogantly dismissive of peoples aspirations  for a fairer  society.  Although the students were protesting this time, it is hoped that in the future other groups will take to the streets and peacefully demonstrate their objection to any proposed legislation that is considered harmful, unjustifiable and downright unfair.

In respect of further nationwide protests, the countries Unions have been guilty of serious neglect over the last decade, and we ask where have our Unions been hiding all these years?  It is time they woke up and stirred themselves from hibernation and took positive action to safeguard our present limited democracy which is being eroded at an intolerable rate. The NSU by example has shown that protests work!

We all look forward to an apology and explanation from the nations premier but unelected royal politician Charles Battenberg and the rest of his cronies for that matter, as to why they arrogantly ignored the public parliamentary vote, and instead took the undemocratic decision to endorse (whether at anytime – not just now), an unmerited award of many millions of tax-payers cash while the rest of us are struggling to make ends meet.

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Good luck, William Gladys.

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