Wikileaks Daily News Roundup 26 December, 2010

26 December, 2010 —

Banks And WikiLeaks
Huffington Post
The founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange is silhouetted by the headlights of
the vehicle he travelled in cast on a wall, as he speaks to members of the
media …

Wikileaks exposes US drug wiretap
BBC News
Fresh US diplomatic cables released via Wikileaks suggest governments have
pressed the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to extend wiretapping
services. …

WikiLeaks could quicken demise of GNU
The Zimbabwe Standard
BY NQABA MATSHAZI THE recent WikiLeaks cable releases could have afforded
President Robert Mugabe ammunition to call for elections next year, with
his main …

Banks and WikiLeaks
New York Times
The whistle-blowing Web site WikiLeaks has not been convicted of a crime.
The Justice Department has not even pressed charges over its disclosure of

US upset at Hobbs’ role in film screening
Radio New Zealand
A WikiLeaks cable has revealed that United States diplomats were panicked
about the film Fahrenheit 9/11 being screened as a Labour Party fundraiser.’-role-in-film-screening

MEDIAlternative: WTF: CIA edition
The Bloomington Alternative
Miller continues, ever so politely, “The irreverence is perhaps
understandable for an agency that has been relatively unscathed by
WikiLeaks. …

WikiLeaks sheds light on US-Mexican relations
The Times Herald
By JOE DE LA ISLA HOUSTON — A series of 2009 diplomatic cables released
by WikiLeaks discloses discussions between the United States and Mexico
concerning …

WikiLeaks is a real contender for the history books
Bradenton Herald
So too Time magazine’s decision to crown Mark Zuckerberg, the wunderkind
behind Facebook, as its Person of the Year, while bypassing Wikileaks
founder …

Former WikiLeaks spokesman set to release write tell-all book
Online Athens
By AP – Athens Banner-Herald NEW YORK – A former spokesman for WikiLeaks is
ready to tell all, Crown Publishers announced last week. …

WikiLeaks: Kiwi mosque spied on by US
New Zealand Herald
The investigation is revealed in the latest WikiLeaks cables obtained by
the Herald on Sunday. The cables identify TV3 reporter Ali Ikram when
relaying …

EU not helpful of NZ stand: WikiLeaks
Fiji Times
… that while the United States had been very supportive of NZ’s position
on Fiji, the Europeans were not helpful, according to leaked Wikileaks
cables. …

Online stores insure against cyber-hacking after Wikileaks protest
Online retailers are to be offered insurance against cyber-hacking
following the recent attack by supporters of Wikileaks. By Alastair
Jamieson 8:50PM GMT …

AZERBAIJAN: WikiLeaks depicts lifestyles of Baku’s rich and powerful
Los Angeles Times
Documents released by WikiLeaks about the Azerbaijani political and
business elite read less like diplomatic cables and more like the latest
episode of …

Facebook, WikiLeaks and death of privacy
WikiLeaks publishes information provided by whistleblowers. Deadly
corruption in Kenya. A pending bank insolvency. The “collected secret
bibles” of …

What a sad year it was
Toronto Sun
By WARREN KINSELLA, QMI Agency This was a year of new controversies, like
prorogation and WikiLeaks. It was also the year of old battles, in the
Middle East …

WikiLeaks exposes what some want hidden
Auburn Citizen
Thanks to the mainstream media for more than its share of the spotlight,
WikiLeaks has become something of a household word. It’s been around since
2006, …

WikiLeaks honors best press traditions
The Journal News |
2 editorial cartoon showing a sleazy-looking man labeled “WikiLeaks”
holding an attractive woman in a cocktail dress labeled “press freedom,” I
assumed …

WikiLeaks chief set to receive $1.5m. for autobiography
Jerusalem Post
COM STAFF WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange said in an interview published
Sunday that he has signed deals for the writing of his autobiography worth
more than …

The US Know and Denies Cuban Struggle Against Drug Traffic
Cuba Headlines
A document released by Wikileaks and published in the Reasons of Cuba web
tab of Cubadebate points out that a cable sent by the US Interest Section
in …

Brainloop: Companies Must Protect Themselves from WikiLeaks-Type Document Leaks (press release)
WikiLeaks headlines continue to underscore what happens when confidential
documents are freely distributed by unauthorized parties. …

NY Times Columnist Friedman questions ethics of WikiLeaks
The Brandeis Hoot
By Jon Ostrowsky New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman ’75 questioned
the ethics of WikiLeaks and technology in journalism during an academic
symposium …

Distilling Jonathan’s Wikileaks
By Mohammed Amadu The Wiki leaks report on Nigeria quoted Jonathan as
claiming he was his ‘own man.’ And, he was! Courageously confessing to
political …

Wikileaks in Gestation 2001
List: cypherpunks Subject: mirror volunteers needed From: Julian Assange
Date: 2001-10-16 5:03:46 If you are brave and have a unix account/machine
with …

Christmas shopping, more Wikileaks reported by Ghanaian media
Afrique en Ligue
It wrote under the headline, “Wikileaks: Mills rejected oil bribe” that
in another leaked cable from the whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks, …,-more-wikileaks-reported-by-ghanaian-media-2010122565320.html

When historians read Wikileaks…
Al-Masry Al-Youm
Ever since WikiLeaks began posting some quarter million leaked cables sent
by US embassies on 28 November, people around the world have eagerly read
about …

Sanusi as Nigeria’s WikiLeaks
The Nation Newspaper
There he was lonely and dejected in the hollow chambers of the legislators.
He was fielding questions from our shameless lawmakers like an
undergraduate …

WikiLeaks: Shell’s astonishing revelations about Nigerian corruption
Royal Dutch Shell plc .com
By John Donovan This US diplomatic cable, classified as “secret”,
reports on a briefing given to the American Ambassador to Nigeria, Robin R.
Sander, …

WikiLeaks: exposing the data flow
Gulf Times
From Wikileaks to armchair auditors, exposure has been one of 2010’s great
themes: more data equals better government; transparency equals
accountability. …

StickyLeaks – Day 14075: the Santa Claus cables
Sydney Morning Herald
IN THE eyes of Santa Claus, the standing of WikiLeaks founder Julian
Assange is now on par with that of an African child. That is, he’ll never
again get a …—day-14075-the-santa-claus-cables-20101225-197di.html

The Use of Torture – WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks is releasing a great deal of information, including cables about
torture, verifying the well-founded suspicions of many people. …

The 25 Days of Wikileaks
Pacific Free Press
by David Swanson On the fourth day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me:
four covered up crimes. On the seventh day of Wikileaks, my government gave
to …

WikiLeaks: How U.S. tried to stop Spain’s torture probe | McClatchy
The Obama administration turned to a Republican senator from Florida to
deliver a message to the Spanish government: Don’t indict former President
George W. Bush’s legal brain trust for alleged torture in the treatment of
war on terror …

WikiLeaks: The Movie? : The Other McCain
By Robert Stacy McCain
“How long will it be before Hollywood makes a movie glorifying Wikileaks
ringleader Julian Assange? “Not long! Hollywood, after all, has a long
and sordid history of making movie heroes out of left-wing villains, con
men and charlatans. …

WikiLeaks and the press Global Redress Information & Analysis
By Paul J. Balles
Paul J. Balles views the self-serving criticism of WikiLeaks and its
founder, Julian Assange, offered by a range of media but argues that,
ultimately, the whistleblower website’s exposure of cover-ups and promotion
of transparency …

WikiLeaks aims a new target: McDonalds [XMAS] | Gadgetell
By JG Mason
While the US government mulls over it’s case against Julian Assange and
WikiLeaks over exposed embarrassing State Department cables, WikiLeaks has
moved on…

Muslims and Wikileaks: A Guide for the Perplexed |
By Guests
Guest post by Dawud Israel originally posted here “Who controls the past
controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” -George
Orwell , 1984 Getting Acquainted with the Wikileaks literature: With all
the furor about …

NewsDaily: Panama president wanted to wiretap rivals: WikiLeaks
Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli tried to bully the U.S. Drug
Enforcement Administration to turn its wiretapping program on political
rivals, a State Department cable released by WikiLeaks said.

Australia knows Afghanistan is a mess, Wikileaks shows “ Antony …
By Antony Loewenstein
The US State Department cables, released exclusively by WikiLeaks to The
Sunday Age, include reports from the US embassy in Canberra that reveal
deep distrust between Australian and Dutch forces in Oruzgan province,
where Australia was …

WikiLeaks App For Being “Harmful” Apple Pulls Unofficial | My Blog
By editor
Add another company toward those disassociating themselves from WikiLeaks:
Apple . Today, the technology giant removed an iPhone and iPad app from the
App Store that permitted users toward confirm out content from the
WikiLeaks site as …

Wikileaks exposes Israel blasted nuclear reactor of Syria
The classified cable published in the Israeli paper that has been revealed
by on of the Wikileaks publication that “on September 6 2007, Israel
destroyed the nuclear reactor built by.

The 25 Days of Wikileaks
By David Swanson
Pacific Free Press – Hard Truths for Hard Times – Progressive opinion,
dissident news.

Anorak News “ Vince Cable, Wikileaks Lockerbie Are Beyond Journalism
By Anorak
Journalism is a verb, a doing word, and right now it is difficult to know
who is doing what to whom and why..

Zimbabwe to set up WikiLeaks commission [ WORLD BULLETIN- TURKEY …
Zimbabwe’s attorney general plans to set up a commission to investigate
possible treason charges against locals over briefings with U.S. diplomats
reported in confidential State Department cables released by WikiLeaks. …

It’s Strange, Apple kicks Wikileaks, but Google doesn’t …
By Ferry
this article is about the strangeness of how Google choose to remain a
loyal friend to WikiLeaks.

On the 25th Day of Wikileaks, My Government Gave to Me |
By davidswanson
On the first day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me: the military in
every embassy. On the second day of Wikileaks, my government gave to me:
two criminal presidents. On the third day of Wikileaks, my government gave
to me: three …

WikiLeaks Poised for Major Israel Document Dump |
By The European Union Times
The paucity of information on Israel in the early WikiLeaks releases led to
a flurry of speculations and conspiracy theories, insisting WikiLeaks may

Microblog, WikiLeaks Top 2010 Internet Terms in China | China …
By Sophie Beach
AFP reports on the top Internet terms in China for 2010: Web users searched
the definition of the term microblog more than three million times on.

Journalists in Norway, Russia get WikiLeaks files – Yahoo! News
A Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten, now claims to have the full cache of
over 250000 State Department cables originally obtained by WikiLeaks.

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