Tommy Sheridan Around the Blogs

26 December, 2010 —

I’ve not really followed the story of Tommy Sheridan of the Scottish Socialist Party and him being found guilty of perjury. Instead, if you can be bothered, check out Tommy Sheridan Around the Blogs where there is an attempt to present the issues, kind of, largely by giving us loads of links to a batch of other posts where they do take sides. Frankly, it’s all indicative of the parlous state of what passes for the left in this benighted land. I mean who really cares how many babes Sheridan bonked and whether or not he lied about it? What has it got to do with the current state of affairs? Nothing.

The final para of the piece by Phil of A Very Public Sociologist says,

“The recriminations and the arguments will see the left nicely into the new year. But hopefully people will soon start looking beyond the case. As Bella Caledonia notes, “The time for raking over one individuals life is thankfully over and the new task is to work out how the future looks for the left in Scotland – where energy can go and where alliances can be made. 2011 should be the year when the agenda is reclaimed by those more interested in the opening future than the inglorious past.””

We live in hope.

Happy New Year to you all

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