MAYfly, Brexit, the Economy and the SWP

12 June 2017 — theplanningmotivedotcom

Theresa May claimed that she called the election having been inspired to do so while on a walk. This fairy tale, like the election, lies in ruins. As the Tory hierarchy fall out and individuals try to duck blame, the ugly truth is dribbling out of fiery arguments between those who saw the advantages of an election and those who saw the risks. Even key EU officials were consulted over the wisdom of this act. The fairy tale of the inspiring walk and the leader’s idea was conjured up to prepare a presidential style campaign that backfired so spectacularly.

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Alex Callinicos: An imperialist apologist writes on Ukraine By Chris Marsden

14 March 2014 — WSWS

Alex Callinicos is the theoretical leader of the Socialist Workers Party in Britain and a senior lecturer at Kings College London. His most recent writings on Ukraine mark him out definitively as a pliant tool of imperialist intrigue, ready to employ any lie, no matter how brazen, in order to facilitate the predatory activities of Washington and London.

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A moment for revolutionary ambition? By Tom Walker

4 January 2014 —  International Socialist Network

2013 was, to put it mildly, a bad year for the far left in Britain. It began with the crisis in the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) bursting out publicly, and ended with the second mass resignation from that party after a year-long battle over the basic principles of women’s liberation.

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Paul Le Blanc: Revolutionary elements in London — Marxism 2013 and its context

20 July, 2013 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal 

The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is an important “far left” organisation in Britain which, among other things, organises an annual educational conference — Marxism — in London. The SWP is undergoing a crisis which is only one aspect of a much larger phenomenon, taking place on a global scale within the revolutionary left. This involves a recomposition of the revolutionary socialist movement as a political force, in tandem with the struggles of the multi-faceted working class struggling against the effects of the present world crisis of capitalism.

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The Stop the War Coalition, The Socialist Workers Party and Iraq By Ian Sinclair

4 April 2013 — New Left Project

In the last few weeks I have been doing a number of talks around England to promote my new book ‘The March That Shook Blair: An Oral History of 15 February 2003’. At a couple of talks a few people have raised objections to some of the criticisms of Stop the War Coalition (STWC) that I make. Below, I attempt to address these objections by summarising my findings about STWC and the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) from the more than 110 interviews and research I conducted for the book.

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The actuality of a successful capitalist offensive By Richard Seymour

29 March 29, 2013 — Lenin’s Tomb

We’ve been waiting five years for a coherent left-wing response to the recession. We’ve been waiting three years for a coherent left-wing response to the cuts. Two years ago, I was asked at a talk how we could communicate the socialist solution to the crisis; I said it would be nice if we had one. It would still be a step forward today. If the extant strategies, groups or alliances were sufficient to deliver this, we would have it by now.

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The crisis in the SWP-Britain

30 January, 2013 — Socialist Worker (UK)

Since its national conference in January, the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) in Britain, the country’s largest revolutionary organization, has been shaken by the most severe crisis in its history, stemming from the failure of its leadership to properly respond to rape and sexual harassment allegations made against a leading member, and, in turn, from attempts to stifle discussion of this failure and its consequences.

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Crisis in the Socialist Workers Party reveals a crisis of the left By William Bowles

17 January 2013

Hmmm… I’ve been watching the ‘left’ here in the UK tear itself apart literally for decades, and it had been going on for decades prior to my arrival on the scene. What’s difficult to swallow is the attitude expressed below (which I’m reprinting in its entirety), where the writer reacts to the events that are currently tearing the SWP apart, as if it’s something new on the ‘left’.

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Syria: Feeding off the carcase By William Bowles

16 February 2012

An uncle of mine, a quite extraordinary individual, used to say that he was privileged to have a ‘ringside seat’ when viewing the rampages of capitalism. To which I must add that the ticket to gain admission has been extremely costly, for the planet, but not for my uncle in spite of his lefty leanings. But privileged he was, as all of us are here in the West, insulated from the worst extremes of Empire by all those dead brown bodies.

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Britain’s Socialist Workers Party covers for imperialist regime change in Syria By Chris Marsden

15 February 2012 — World Socialist Website

The first response of Washington, London, and Paris to the revolutionary overturns in Tunisia and Egypt was a pre-emptive campaign for regime change in Libya, working through local proxies whose task was to prepare the way for military intervention. The pattern is being repeated in Syria.

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Will the Unity Coalition Earn it? By William Bowles

26 January 2004

Sunday (25/01/04) saw the launch of a new political party of the left in the UK, the Unity Coalition. The inaugural meeting held in the Friends Meeting House on Euston Road in London, was packed, with around 1200 people crowded into the main hall and represented a good cross-section of what’s left of left political activists, from the Socialist Workers Party, The Communist Party GB, the Socialist Alliance through to a number of Labour Party members but who understandably kept their heads down.

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