Happy Birthday, Paul Robeson!

9 April 2019 — Seven Stories Press

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Celebrate the life and legacy of singer, actor, civil rights activist, organizer, and scholar, Paul Robeson, on April 9th, the 121st anniversary of his birth. Egalitarian and anti-fascist, he was a victim of the House Committee on Un-American Activities and he was subsequently blacklisted in the entertainment industry for his leftist politics.

So committed to promoting peace and anti-fascism, Paul Robeson took a trip to the frontlines of the Spanish Civil War, which was documented by his granddaughter, Susan Robeson, in her new children’s book Grandpa Stops A War: A Paul Robeson Story.

More info from Seven Stories Press

“Paul Robeson lived in Harlem on St. Nicholas Avenue, not far from me. He was our favorite singer and had a soulful voice, like no other. Susan Robeson’s book, Grandpa Stops a War, shares a wonderful message for children about his life and his devotion to freedom and justice.” —Faith Ringgold, author of Tar Beach and We Came to America

“Deeply saturated, highly textured illustrations effectively capture the dangers Robeson encountered to try to bring peace to war-torn Spain … A story worth hearing about a cause worth fighting.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Susan Robeson, the singer’s granddaughter and a documentary filmmaker, retells a family story simply and effectively, and leaves it to listeners to reflect on implicit messages about war, peace, and the power of one gifted, brave, compassionate person to help others. In an appended author’s note, she fills in historical details. Brown contributes a series of strong, well-composed paintings using deep, rich colors that capture the book’s emotional undertones effectively.”  —Booklist

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