U.S. Intensifies Actions for New Destabilizing Scenario. La Corriente Analysis

3 July 2019 — Internationalist 360°

A few days ago, on June 26, Minister Jorge Rodríguez informed the country about the dismantling of a new coup d’état and assassination plot. With the information and evidence presented by Rodriguez it was confirmed, once again, that the plans of the U.S. and the Venezuelan right wing to violently overthrow the constitutional government of Venezuela continue in progress, they do not stop. Almost two months after the defeat of the coup attempt of April 30, this new attempt, dismantled by the intelligence and security forces of the State, has forced us to reiterate the call not to decrease the warnings, not to lower our guard.

We said it at the time and now we reaffirm it: despite Juan Guaidó’s exhaustion and deflation and political defeats such as the 30-A, we should not underestimate the capacity of the local right wing to regroup its forces and inject new enthusiasm and hope into its base, from the symbolic, now raising expectations which are less immediate, but more of a long-term struggle. The opposition political leadership is nothing but a group of figures led and organized by the conservative elite that controls power in the U.S., where the actions to be taken are decided. We cannot lose sight of that.

In this respect, we see that the United States has rethought its strategy. It abandoned the search for a quick resolution for the time being and moved on to hope that the economic crisis and internal tensions would continue to undermine the country’s resistance. They concentrate their efforts on continuing to attack the FANB seeking to fracture it, they are abandoning interventionist rhetoric because it strengthens the government’s arguments and strategy, and they are strengthening and seeking to generate the necessary chaos and political destabilization. Hence the paramilitary advance on the Colombian border with Táchira, the attempts at military uprisings, the conspiracies.

Politically, they will seek to retake the street on July 5. That day, they will try to mobilize as much of their social base as possible. We must be alert, since these mobilizations could be accompanied by other actions.

Likewise, as part of the series of events that prefigures a scenario of reinvigoration and intensification of the conflict and aggression against the country, there is the case of Lieutenant Commander Acosta Arevalo and the aggression with buckshot in Táriba against the young Rufo Chacón. The Acosta Arevalo case is consistent with what are known as active intelligence operations: the use of infiltration to generate a high-impact event that could potentially trigger a given situation. The same can be said of the case of Rufo Chacón.

This is in the field of analysis and hypothesis because of the characteristics of the fourth generation war in Venezuela. However, we know that repressive practices, despite the enormous efforts made by the Bolivarian revolution, have not been completely eradicated. Therefore, there are two key elements in this issue: 1) the clarification of the truth and punishment of those responsible, and 2) timely information provided to the country by the government. This is the only way to neutralize destabilizing purposes. In addition to this, it is necessary to deepen the debate on the irregular practices of the State security forces and the attention to the different denunciations that exist in this regard, elaborated also from the perspective of deepening the revolution and not of playing into the hands of the U.S. and the local extreme right. There is no doubt that it is necessary to strengthen the policies for the defense of human rights: this is a permanent task of a humanist revolution like the Bolivarian revolution.

In addition, it is essential in this battle and in the type of war that is being waged against Venezuela, namely the communicational front. The struggle for meaning, for perception and for opinion is a central battleground today. It is also a challenge that all Venezuelans, political organizations, collectives, and political parties must join. On many occasions we have failed to take the offensive in this arena and we have allowed space for counter-information, intoxication and enemy propaganda.

Thus, let us continue in battle on all fronts, because aggression is multiform and simultaneous. The economic, the political, the communicational, the military, the preparation for defense, the activation of popular solidarity to favour the sectors most affected by the crisis and the blockade, the diplomatic. In all scenarios we must maintain action, work intensely. The enemy does not cease its efforts. We must redouble our efforts. It is the life of the country that is at stake. We will be victorious!

Coordinación Nacional Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora

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