Geopolitics with Ryan Dawson- Episode 9: The Real Motivations for the Balkanization of Syria

14 January 2013 Boiling Frogs

Ryan Dawson Presents Mahdi Nazemroaya 

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is an analysts and award-winning author of the book The Globalization of NATO. He was on the ground in Libya reporting live for multiple media outlets as NATO conducted its merciless bombing of that country’s civilians and infrastructureToday we discuss the real motivations for the Balkanization of Syria and why there is a US and Israeli target painted on Iran. I highly recommend checking out this piece by Mr. NazemroayaThe Endgame in Syria: Strategic Stage in the Pentagon‘s Covert War on Iran for further analysis.

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Books: Understand the Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

31 December, 2012 — Global Research

The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order by Michel Chossudovsky

In this expanded edition of Chossudovsky’s international best-seller, the author outlines the contours of a New World Order which feeds on human poverty and the destruction of the environment, generates social apartheid, encourages racism and ethnic strife and undermines the rights of women. The result as his detailed examples from all parts of the world show so convincingly, is a globalization of poverty.

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The British Siege of the Ecuadorian Embassy: Déjà Vu: Anglo-American disregard for International Law by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

23 August, 2012 — Global Research – Strategic Culture Foundation – 2012-08-22

When Iranian student activists occupied the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979 as a result of the Iranian Revolution, the US and Britain condemned the Iranian provisional government of Prime Minister Bazargan even though it was not responsible. The US, UK, and their allies ranted and raved about the sanctity of foreign diplomatic missions, calling the activists “terrorists” and “anarchists.” Continue reading

NATO Proxies behind Syria Massacre by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

14 March, 2012 — Global ResearchPress TV

Interview with Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization, Montreal.

“There’s ample evidence from official statements from the Arab League observer mission, from the Israeli media, that there are terrorist organizations involved in killing civilians and this, in a very cynical mode, provides the justification for the so-called international community to blame Bashar al-Assad when in fact these civilian casualties were ordered by foreign forces.” (Michel Chossudovsky)

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Week in Review: Crushing the Dollar, Anti-Dissent Laws and NATO’s Secret War on Syria

16 February 2012Global Research

The Globalization of War: The “Military Roadmap” to World War III

– by Michel Chossudovsky, Finian Cunningham – 2012-03-10

The Pentagon’s global military design is one of world conquest. The military deployment of USNATO forces is occurring in several regions of the world simultaneously. Continue reading

Syrian opposition death toll claim: Thousands dead, zero verifiable sources — RT

22 December 2011 — Syrian opposition death toll claim: Thousands dead, zero verifiable sources — RT

The Syrian opposition says 5,000 have been killed during a nine-month crackdown, with more than 250 civilians killed in two last days alone, calling for UN protection from ‘acts of genocide.’ But researchers say the information is tough to verify.

­RT spoke with Julie Levesque from the Center for Research on Globalization, who says the most significant problem with the figures from Syria is that, simply, ‘we do not know where they come from.’

‘I’ve discovered that it mostly comes from one group, which is a local coordination committee in Syria. We do not know who these people are,’ she said.

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The Constitution Is Dead: The Gradual Transition towards an Orwellian Police State By Devon DB

3 December, 2011 — Global Research

Americans denied their First and Third amendment rights…

Many in America still believe that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and that politicians, both Republican and Democrat alike, still hold that view and ensure that any and all legislation passed does not violate it. However, in today’s America, the Constitution is effectively a null and void document, nothing more than a symbol politicians pay lip service to.

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