Moratorium on US oil sanctions to open talks with Iran M.K. Bhadrakumar

2 September 2019 — Indian Punchline

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani telephoned French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday to resume decisions on JCPOA

The diplomatic manoeuvrings over the situation around Iran are entering a crucial phase with an Iranian delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi leaving from Tehran for Paris today to pick up the threads of the 3-way discussions involving France, Iran and the United States at Biarritz a week ago on the sidelines of the G7 summit.

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U.S., Britain Developed Plans to Disable or Destroy Middle Eastern Oil Facilities from Late 1940s to Early 1960s in Event of a Soviet Invasion

23 June 2016 — NSA

British Plans Envisioned Using Nuclear Weapons as an Option in Iran and Iraq, According to Declassified Documents

Regional Allies Were Apparently Never Informed Out of Concern for “Unfavorable” Consequences, Though Some U.S. Officials Thought Host Countries Would Approve the Plugging of Oil Wells

Secret Oil Denial Policy Lasted at Least until the Kennedy Administration

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 552

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Video: Syria: Proxies, Pipelines and People

30 August 2013 —

Eric Draitser of appears on AMTV to discuss the current situation in Syria. He explains some of the motivations of key regional players and their Western backers in terms of economics and geopolitics.  Draitser examines various scenarios that could play out in the coming weeks and months depending on how events unfold on the ground and diplomatically. Additionally, he explores the discredited US narrative about the use of chemical weapons and the historical precedents for such lies.

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Iran Newslinks for 1 July 2012

1 July 2012 —

The Blame Game
Iran Review 29/07/2012 at 06:18 The Blame Game Trita Parsi
The blame game has begun. The latest round of diplomacy on Iran’s disputed nuclear program is on life-support and may fully collapse during next week’s technical meeting in Istanbul. Few expect anything grand to come out of that meeting—including the parties themselves. That’s why they are preparing themselves for the inevitable blame game instead.

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Video: ‘The biggest imperialist bullies get slammed first’ — RT

18 February 2012‘The biggest imperialist bullies get slammed first’ — RT

Iran decided not to wait until July 1, when the EU oil embargo comes into effect, instead imposing its own ‘boycott on the offending powers, starting with the two biggest imperialist bullies on the schoolyard,’ journalist Webster Tarpley told RT.

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