‘No Farms, No Food:’ Dutch farmers confront billionaire ‘green’ elite’s food system reset plan

Friday, 19 August 2022 — The Grayzone

Dutch farmers’ protests offer a preview of the resistance to come as transnational “green” billionaires advance a “reset” of the global food system. The elite agenda threatens to deepen an international cost of living crisis and spark unrest well beyond The Netherlands.

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Proponents of ‘first strike’ nuclear war against Iran rob billions from their own citizens By Michel Chossudovsky

10 April, 2013 — RT

The Pentagon and NATO’s multibillion-dollar war budgets are financed by massive economic austerity measures, impoverishing people in the US and NATO member-states in order to build advanced nuclear weaponry justified by the ‘Iran threat.’

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Statewatch News Online, 10 December 2012 (21/12)

012 — http://www.statewatch.org/ e-mail: office@statewatch.org

1.    EU Council of the European Union: COSI Operational plan & Schengen borders re-introduction
2,    EU: Justice and Home Affairs Council, 6-7 December 2012, Brussels: Final Press release, 6-7 December
3.    EU: Institute of Race Relations: Which way forward on racial profiling?
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Stop NATO News: March 15, 2012

15 March 2012 — Stop NATO

  • Netherlands Enlists In U.S.-NATO Interceptor Missile System
  • Complete Interoperability: U.S., Turkish Warplanes Drill For Increased “Lethality”
  • Strengthening Alliances: Clinton Says U.S. Will Remain Asian Power
  • Top NATO Commander: Montenegro On Way To NATO Membership
  • 012
  • U.S. Senator Introduces NATO Enlargement Bill
  • Pentagon Chief Visits Georgian Base In Afghanistan
  • Georgia Hides Military Preparations Behind Drug Claims: South Ossetia
  • Armenia Gives Latest Account To NATO
  • U.S. To Lead 15-Nation Military Exercise In Ukraine

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Video: ‘The biggest imperialist bullies get slammed first’ — RT

18 February 2012‘The biggest imperialist bullies get slammed first’ — RT

Iran decided not to wait until July 1, when the EU oil embargo comes into effect, instead imposing its own ‘boycott on the offending powers, starting with the two biggest imperialist bullies on the schoolyard,’ journalist Webster Tarpley told RT.

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MILITARY ESCALATION: NATO chief calls for more planes to bomb Libyan targets

15 July 2011 — Global Research

‘British military source said Britain was running short of military targets in Libya, rather than running short of resources’

THE HAGUE (Reuters) – NATO members should supply more warplanes to bomb Libyan military targets, the alliance’s secretary general said on Thursday, increasing pressure on states to contribute more to the mission.

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Yemen Newslinks 13 July 2011

13 July 2011 — williambowles.info

YEMEN: TV appearance sparks fresh wave of violence
SANA’A, 13 July 2011 (IRIN) – A surprise 7 July appearance on Yemeni state TV by President Ali Abdullah Saleh is behind a recent country-wide spike in violence, say observers. Analyst Adel al-Shujaa said the TV appearance surprised opposition leaders …
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Libyan war updates/Stop NATO news: June 24, 2011

24 June 2011 — Stop NATO

  • U.S. AFRICOM Chief Defends Drone Missile Attacks In Libya
  • NATO Headquarters: Bloc’s Number 2, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Discuss Libya War
  • Cuba Reiterates Need For Cease-Fire In Libya
  • Netherlands Extends Libya War Role By Three Months
  • EU Sanctions Are Declaration Of War: Syrian Foreign Minister
  • Baghdad: NATO Trains Senior Iraqi Military Leaders
  • Afghan Officials Say NATO Killed Farmers

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Bilderberg And You By Global Research

13 June, 2011 — Global Research

This weekend the high-powered think tank, the Bilderberg Group, is meeting to discuss current events, form a consensus on the coordination of policies of the Western imperial  powers, and to attempt to influence and shape the world in a direction of their liking. The Bilderberg Group, founded in 1954, is a secretive organizations which holds meetings once per year, drawing together roughly 130 of the world’s elite: bankers (such as David Rockefeller), monarchs (such as Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands), central bankers, oil executives, industry leaders, media moguls, establishment academics, prime ministers, presidents and up-and-coming politicians, think tank leaders, the heads of foundations, military commanders and intelligence chiefs, and a host of other important figures.

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VTJP Palestine/Israel Newslinks 3 October, 2010: Israeli mayors’ visit runs aground in Spain, Netherlands

3 October, 2010 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Abbas: “No Talks Under Settlement Construction”
IMEMC – 3 Oct 2010 – Sunday October 03, 2010 – 23:46, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, stated following a Sunday meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan, that he will not return to the negotiations table unless Israel halts its settlement activities in the occupied territories.

Two Israeli soldiers convicted of using 11-year old as human shield during Gaza invasion
IMEMC – 3 Oct 2010 – Sunday October 03, 2010 – 13:35, Despite repeated Israeli assurances that there were no violations of the law by soldiers during last year’s invasion of Gaza, each one of the few incidents actually investigated by the Israeli military has resulted in convictions of the soldiers involved. In the latest such investigation, two soldiers were convicted Sunday of using an 11-year old child to open suspicious bags that they were afraid to open themselves.

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Netherlands cancels Israeli mayors tour By Jonathan Lis

19 September, 2010 — Haaretz

Dutch Foreign Ministry cancels tour because participant list includes settlement representatives.

The Netherlands on Sunday cancelled a tour of the country by a forum of Israeli mayors because their group included representatives of West Bank settlements.

The professional delegation, funded by the Joint Distribution Committee, a Jewish-American charity, was supposed to fly to the Netherlands next month to study public policy and local governance.

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Colour-Coded Revolutions and the Origins of World War III Part 2 By Andrew Gavin Marshall

3 November, 2009 — Global Research

This is Part 2 of the Series, “The Origins of World War III”

Part 1: An Imperial Strategy for a New World Order: The Origins of World War III


Following US geo-strategy in what Brzezinski termed the “global Balkans,” the US government has worked closely with major NGOs to “promote democracy” and “freedom” in former Soviet republics, playing a role behind the scenes in fomenting what are termed “colour revolutions,” which install US and Western-friendly puppet leaders to advance the interests of the West, both economically and strategically.

Part 2 of this essay on “The Origins of World War III” analyzes the colour revolutions as being a key stratagem in imposing the US-led New World Order. The “colour revolution” or “soft” revolution strategy is a covert political tactic of expanding NATO and US influence to the borders of Russia and even China; following in line with one of the primary aims of US strategy in the New World Order: to contain China and Russia and prevent the rise of any challenge to US power in the region.

These revolutions are portrayed in the western media as popular democratic revolutions, in which the people of these respective nations demand democratic accountability and governance from their despotic leaders and archaic political systems. However, the reality is far from what this utopian imagery suggests. Western NGOs and media heavily finance and organize opposition groups and protest movements, and in the midst of an election, create a public perception of vote fraud in order to mobilize the mass protest movements to demand “their” candidate be put into power. It just so happens that “their” candidate is always the Western US-favoured candidate, whose campaign is often heavily financed by Washington; and who proposes US-friendly policies and neoliberal economic conditions. In the end, it is the people who lose out, as their genuine hope for change and accountability is denied by the influence the US wields over their political leaders.

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