To Build an Autocracy, First Build an Oligarchy

3 February 2017 —FAIR

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David Frum’s “How to Build an Autocracy” leaves out the first step in the recipe.

In “How to Build an Autocracy” (Atlantic, 3/17), George W. Bush speechwriter David (“Axis of Evil”) Frum begins his warning about Donald Trump’s authoritarian tendencies by imagining Trump’s second inauguration in 2021:

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Banking Scandals as a Mirror to the Struggle for World Domination (II) By Valentin KATASONOV

14 August 2013 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Part 1

It is interesting that until recently, all the major initiatives to investigate the illegal and criminal activities of banks came from Washington. A certain amount of activity has also been witnessed in London, which (oh, the horror!) has started to prosecute Rothschild banks. Some experts are seeing this kind of “unpatriotic” position from the British authorities as a result of the fact that the country’s current leadership is heavily dependent on Washington like never before.

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Financial Cleansing: The Cyprus Bail-in Template By grtv

11 April 2013 — grtv

The recent bail-in in Cyprus has given the world a glimpse at the future of the banking landscape. Now, as Canada gets set to hardwire the bail-in process into law, analysts like Michel Chossudovsky are warning how the big banks can use this template to further consolidate their monopoly of economic control. This is the GRTV Backgrounder on Global Research TV.

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Introduction: The Needs of Oligarchy by Dan Hind

27 November 2012The Return of the Public

We have been taught not to like things. Finally somebody said it was OK to like things. This was a great relief. — David Byrne

The collapse of Britain’s finance-dominated economic model in 2007-8 and the scandals that followed in quick succession mark the beginning of a constitutional crisis. How this crisis is resolved will determine the future of the country. I believe that republican doctrines and habits of mind provide valuable resources for those who want Britain to become more democratic, more equal and more truly prosperous. What follows is intended to convince you. My argument will not concern itself much with the monarchy but the standard meaning of the word ‘republic’ in English obliges me to say something about the Crown.

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Black Agenda Report November 7, 2012: Victory! — Black America's Lost Moral Compass — Hurricane Sandy & the Failed State

8 November 2012Black Agenda Report

This week in Black Agenda Report

Victory! – for the Non-Resistance

 by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The More Effective Evil has trounced those Republicans with evil intentions. Folks who never made a single demand of the corporate, war mongering Democrat think they are some kind of victors. “The non-resisters have won a non-victory against an unimpressive enemy,” while Obama plots new atrocities.

Democracy and Debt By Michael Hudson

3 December 2011 — Michael Hudson

Has the Link been Broken?

This article appeared in the Frankfurter Algemeine Zeitung on December 5, 2011.

Book V of Aristotle’s Politics describes the eternal transition of oligarchies making themselves into hereditary aristocracies – which end up being overthrown by tyrants or develop internal rivalries as some families decide to ‘take the multitude into their camp’ and usher in democracy, within which an oligarchy emerges once again, followed by aristocracy, democracy, and so on throughout history.

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You Say You Want A Revolution. What Will Happen To Occupy Wall Street If It Loses Its Park? By Danny Schechter

6 November 2011 — Global Research

The tarps are flapping and the tents are not bringing much warmth.

The harsh winds of Winter are lashing the encampment at Zucotti Park, or as many would prefer, ‘Liberty Plaza,’ the symbol of a wannabe revolution against the status quote and powercrats of the American oligarchy.

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