Julian Assange receives 4th Annual DANNY Award for Journalism

25 June 2019 — Defend Wikileaks

WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange has been granted the 2019 Danny Schechter Global Vision Award for Journalism & Activism by not-for-profit educational foundation The Global Center. As a press release announcing the award explains, The DANNY is “awarded annually to an individual who best emulates Schechter’s practice of combining excellent journalism with social advocacy and activism.”

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“We Steal Secrets” The New Movie About Wikileaks Infuriates Wikileaks By Danny Schecter

1 June 2013 — Global Research


Every documentary filmmaker begins with deciding on the story to be told, and, then, how to sustain audience interest. 

If your goal is to inform the public or take a stand on an important issue by explaining its origins and exposing wrong doers then you go one way. If your goal is to entertain and shroud your motives by exploring murky personality contradictions, you go another.

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Two Icons, Two Deaths, Two Worlds: The Media Simplified Them Both By Danny Schechter

22 December 2011 — Plunder the crime of our time

The world has said goodbye to two leaders who were worlds apart. One was a widely celebrated anti-communist, the other a widely despised communist. However, both the lives and thoughts of the Czech Republic’s Vaclav Havel, and North Korea’s Kim Jung-il were given short shrift.

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Movement Moves On After Police Occupy the OWS Park BY Danny Schecter

16 November 2011 — Greanville Post


Joshua Trujillo/AP Seattle activist Dorli Rainey, 84, reacts after being hit with pepper spray during an Occupy Seattle protest.

 It was strange, after all these weeks, to be on the outside looking in at a new set of occupiers that were there because they have the guns and we don’t.

When Mao said that ‘power grows out of the barrel of a gun’ he most assuredly did not have anything like Occupy Wall Street on his mind, but somehow the insight applies.

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You Say You Want A Revolution. What Will Happen To Occupy Wall Street If It Loses Its Park? By Danny Schechter

6 November 2011 — Global Research

The tarps are flapping and the tents are not bringing much warmth.

The harsh winds of Winter are lashing the encampment at Zucotti Park, or as many would prefer, ‘Liberty Plaza,’ the symbol of a wannabe revolution against the status quote and powercrats of the American oligarchy.

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13 July 2011 — The News Dissector

The Murdoch Crime Syndicate: The Latest

Murdoch, savaged in parliament, pulls BSkyB bid

LONDON (Reuters) – Rupert Murdoch withdrew his bid for British broadcaster BSkyB on Wednesday in the face of cross-party hostility in parliament following allegations of widespread criminality at one of his tabloid newspapers.

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The Martin Luther King Legacy and The Global Economic Crisis: Can One Influence the Other? By Danny Schechter

4 April 2011 — Plunderthecrimeofourtime.com

Before he went over that mountain top in that week in an April like this one back in l968, Martin Luther King Jr, said he had already seen the other side, as he spent his last days on earth fighting for the garbage men of Memphis while speaking out about the twin evils of war and poverty.

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Mummies and Dummies: Leave Or Stay, The Egyptian Crisis Will Only Get Deeper With No Quick Fix Likely By Danny Schechter

6 February, 2011 — The News Dissector

A Focus On The Political Battle Conceals An Economic Disaster

The African journalist Nathanial Manheru chose a quote from French icon Andre Malraux’s Anti-Memoirs to understand current events in Egypt, “it is in Egypt that we are reminded that (man) invented the tomb.”

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The secret war between Wikileaks and the Pentagon, (and some media outlets) By Danny Schechter

25 October, 2010 — Mediachannel.org

It happened on a Friday, the anniversary of the first US casualties of the Vietnam War way back in 1957. It was also the anniversary, in 1964, of French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre’s announcement that he was turning down the Nobel Prize. He later sat as a judge on Bertrand Russell’s Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal, which indicted that conflict’s carnage and lies.

It was the day this year that the often shadowy Wikileaks, chief nemesis of the Pentagon, maybe their worst nightmare—considered perhaps even more dangerous than the Taliban– surfaced again with the largest public drop of secret military documents in history. Wikileaks is a public web site run by the Sunshine Press, a non-profit group.

For understandable reasons, the Pentagon is at war with its information war against the war—literally.

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Danny Schecter on Goldman Sachs

10 May, 2010 — News Dissector

Goldman Sachs is to “sue for peace” in the fraud trial bought by the Securities Exchange Commission and offer to admit to a lesser charge of negligence if the main charges are dropped.


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All the (un)usual suspects. What is RT.com up to? By William Bowles

12 February, 2010

Full page ads in the London Independent? Though the word ‘Russia’ is nowhere to be seen, instead it’s RT.com. What we used to know as Russia Today is engaged in a no doubt expensive marketing and advertizing campaign here in the UK. But RT.com is a far cry from its crude beginnings four years ago as a mouthpiece for the Russian state. The question is, what kind of animal is it now? Continue reading

The Disaster Within The Disaster: Its Time To Investigate the Aid Fiasco By Danny Schechter

19 January, 2010 — Media Channel

Haiti remains a death trap, with an aid program that has sat by and watched thousands die without relief. The International Red Cross describes the situation there as a catastrophe while the American Red Cross reports raising more than $100 million dollars thanks to texting technologies and backing from the White House.

Raising money is their specialty; delivering aid is not.

The New York Times noted: “The contributions come despite well-publicized controversies over the Red Cross’s performance and financial accountability after other major disasters.

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, for example, representatives from the British, German, Colombian, Dutch and other international Red Cross organizations criticized their American counterpart for inadequate planning, poor management of supplies and faulty record-keeping and logistics. And after the Sept. 11 attacks the organization struggled to deploy some $1 billion in donations.”

These are the people we are trusting with our money!

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Danny Schecter, Director, Barack Obama, People’s President


The election of Barack Obama may be long over but the campaign for change is still underway. For the first time in American history, a president is using the techniques he deployed in running for office in pushing for deeper change. Those who want him to go even further might want to master the approach he used.

It is no surprise that this significant political development is barely being covered in a media that loves to punditize, poll public opinion, and debate policy options in a top-down way. (Some like Fox are even trying to become community organizers) Yet by “covering” politics in this way, our mass media is missing the most innovative bottom-up grassrooots effort in recent memory.

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