Black Box of Free Syrian Army Is Back in Damascus

9 February, 2013Iran Review

The secret service of the Syrian government has managed to once more [to] checkmate…Turkey’s officials in a successful operation during which a fugitive captain of the Syrian army, who had defected to the Free Syrian Army, has been captured. Once in Turkey, the defective captain was in charge of the intelligence operations of the Free Syrian Army in that country. Now he is back in Syria along with a treasure of information.

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The Global Water Grab: Meet the “New Water Barons” By Shiney Varghese

8 February, 2013 —

Writing in National Geographic in December 2012 about “small-scale irrigation techniques with simple buckets, affordable pumps, drip lines, and other equipment” that “are enabling farm families to weather dry seasons, raise yields, diversify their crops, and lift themselves out of poverty” water expert Sandra Postel of the Global Water Policy Project cautioned against reckless <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>land and water-related investments in <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>Africa. “[U]nless African governments and foreign interests lend support to these farmer-driven initiatives, rather than undermine them through <strong class=’StrictlyAutoTagBold’>land and water deals that benefit large-scale, commercial schemes, the best opportunity in decades for societal advancement in the region will be squandered.”

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Omar Barghouti: We won’t be silenced about Israel’s crimes

7 February, 2013 — Socialist Worker

Controversy continues to swirl around a planned forum scheduled to take place on Thursday, February 7, at Brooklyn College to discuss the growing global boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. In a letter to Brooklyn College President Karen Gould, nine members of the New York City Council threatened to cut funding for the school if its political science department continued co-sponsorship of the event. Continue reading

ICH 8 February 2013: How Western Leaders Terrorized Muslim World

8 February 2013 Information Clearing House


Bulgarian Charge of Hezbollah Bombing Was an “Assumption”

By Gareth Porter

Bulgarian Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov’s dramatic announcement Tuesday on the Bulgarian investigation of the July 2012 terror bombing of an Israeli tourist bus was initially reported by Western news media as suggesting clear evidence of Hezbollah’s responsibility for the killings.


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VTJP Occupied Palestine and Israel News and Articles 8 February 2013: Bulldozers and more talks preserve the status quo

8 February 2013 — VTJP


International Middle East Media Center

Egyptian Army Stops Five Weapons Shipments Heading To Gaza
IMEMC – Israeli Yedioth Aharonoth reported Friday that the Egyptian army has intensified its activities in Sinai, over the past few weeks, and thwarted five attempts to smuggle weapons to the Gaza Strip. …

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New at Strategic Culture Foundation 3-9 February 2013: Suyria / Turkey / CIA-Paraguay / USA-Russia / IMF / Israel / Cuba / UK-EU / Water

9 February 2013Strategic Culture Foundation

OIC Summit at Cairo and the Syrian Crisis

09.02.2013 | 11:03 | Aurobinda MAHAPATRA

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit at Cairo indicates that the 57-member Islamic body has endeavored to evolve a dialogue format to resolve the crisis in Syria. Continue reading