Syria Newslinks 17 April 2018

17 April 2018 8:28:10 PM —

The Crisis Is Only in Its Beginning Stages

The Latest Atlanticist Tough Guy Act. Western Media in Crisis. The Syria Gas Attack Saga

Pseudo-left parties promote US-French-British bombing of Syria By Will Morrow

Russia hails OPCW’s decision to deploy inspectors to Syria’s Douma to collect samples

Iraq After ISIS

Theresa May wins second vote on Syria action as Jeremy Corbyn demands new war powers law

Selected Articles: Who “Staged” the Syria Gas Attack?

France Joins US in a ‘Poker Game,’ Targeting Iran and Hezbollah

An ex-British Navy chief raises ‘alarm bells’ about the government’s Syria story live on the BBC

Theresa May says ‘element of surprise’ was crucial to Syria bombing, a week after Trump announced it on Twitter

Talk Nation Radio: Scott Ritter: Syria and the Myth of Ethical Wars

Russian military uncovers militants’ chemicals lab in Syria’s Douma

A reporter finally entered the ‘chemical attack’ site in Syria. What he found is extraordinary.

OPCW ‘enters Syria’s Douma’ to probe gas attack allegation

Syria air strikes: Jeremy Corbyn urges MPs to assert authority

Syria strikes – as it happened: Chemical weapons inspectors have entered Douma, Syrian state media says

Russia Reveals Who “Staged” Syria Gas Attack, As US Claims Moscow “May Have Tampered” with Douma Site

How U.S. Has Virtually Destroyed U.N.

How the US Has Illegally Occupied 30% of Syria Containing Most of Its Oil, Water and Gas

The Iraq Report: The continuing sexual abuse of displaced women and children

Russia calls on West to stop meddling with OPCW work in Syria

Syria denounces preparation for Western attack, by Bashar Ja’afari

WHO refutes media reports about staff’s visit to Syria’s Douma

Roger Waters condemns bombardment of Syria by the US and the allies, denounces White Helmets

‘Oxygen starvation, not gas’: Veteran UK reporter Fisk doubts MSM narrative on Douma ‘chem attack’

“Oh to be in England, Now Its Bombs Away.” Questionable Legality of the “Legal Position” of The British Government

Syria ‘chemical attack’: OPCW investigators to be allowed into Douma

The Smoking Gun Evidence in Douma, Syria that Should Bring the British Government Down

Black Agenda Radio, Week of April 16, 2018

OPCW experts arrive in Syria’s Douma — state TV

Eight Reasons Why the Latest Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Allegations Are Almost Certainly Complete Nonsense

Macron’s Syria Game

The US Secret Plan on Damascus Foiled: The Russian Role Before and After the US-US-France Attack Revealed

Profile: Bashar al-Assad

Why the April 14th Missiles Invasion of Syria Was a Historic Downward Turning Point for American Hegemony

Does It Matter that the Strikes Against Syria Violate International Law?

Robert Fisk’s Douma Report Rips Away Excuses for Air Strike on Syria

Merkel says she discussed Nord Stream 2, Ukraine, Syria in phone call with Putin

France to conduct dialogue with Russia to find inclusive solution in Syria — Macron

Syrian Strikes Are ‘Legal’ – but Only According to the ‘Law of the Jungle’

John Bolton Coordinated the US led Attack on Syria with Israel

Syria chemical attack latest: France says evidence is likely ‘disappearing’ from Douma site ahead of inspectors’ visit

US and Russia feud over access to Syria attack site

Fake “made in USA” and lies “made in Italy”, by Manlio Dinucci

Striking Syria: U.S. Shameless Violation of International Law. Fabricating Evidence and False Flag Operations

Syria war: Inside Douma, Eastern Ghouta, bombed city of the ‘chemical attack’

Putin, Merkel discuss Syria — Kremlin

US strikes against Syria ‘play into hands of extremists’ — Lavrov

Timeline of CIA Interventions in Syria

Col. Larry Wilkerson on Syria: War Powers is the “Surest Way to Tyranny”

A 10-Minute Trial, a Death Sentence: Iraqi Justice for ISIS Suspects

It’s Not Too Late to Save Iraq and Syria

Iraq urges keeping conflicts of int’l powers, specter of war away from Syria

Iraq says conflicts of int’l powers, specter of war should remain out of Syria

Women suspected of ISIS links subjected to abuses in northern Iraq: Amnesty

Washington forces its allies to accept a bipolar world , by Thierry Meyssan

Syria: The Tentacles of This War of Aggression

Secret negotiations between Syria and the US

Westminster today – as it happened: Government wins Syria motion vote by majority of 61

Seven IS militants killed in ambush by pro-govt troops in Iraq’s Diyala

Syria: stop asking questions!

Almost 600 Syrians return to their homes in Eastern Ghouta

‘It had a rotten smell’: Douma ‘chemical attack’ survivors speak

News Daily: Syria inspectors allowed in and MPs debate air strikes again

Macron’s Syria Game

UN Security Council to discuss situation in Syria’s Raqqa

New Zealand government supports imperialist assault on Syria

Australian government endorses US-led strikes on Syria

German government backs illegal attack on Syria

EU foreign ministers push for regime change in Damascus following Syria attack

No to World War III! For the building of a socialist anti-war movement!

US lashes out at Russia, as OPCW inspectors prepare to enter Douma

UK: Labour right lines up with government over Syria bombing

In Iraq, Protesters March Against Missile Strikes In Syria

Fisk Rips Away Excuses for Air Strike on Syria

UN report covers up militants’ crimes against Syrian women — Russian diplomat

Strikes on Syria put further reconciliation talks at risk — Russian diplomat

SYRIA: NATO’s Next “Humanitarian” War?

Crimes of a Monster: Your Tax Dollars at Work

SITREP: US missile attack on Syria – Russian statistics

OPCW experts to reach Syria’s Douma on April 18 — Russian defense ministry

Russian military seize 1.5 tonnes of explosives from militants’ depots in Syria

American and British Reporters In Syria: There Was NO Chemical Weapons Attack

BREAKING: The Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Did Not Occur. It was a Hoax, a False Flag To Justify the US-led Air Strikes, Staged by The Rebels

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