Syria News Links 17-18 April 2018

18 April 2018 10:43:06 PM —

OPCW: Fact-finding team still outside Syria’s Douma

Still unclear when mission can be deployed to Syria’s Douma, OPCW chief says


Syrian War Report – April 18, 2018: Syrian Army Advances In Rastan, Reaches Deal In Dumayr

Terrorist brothers who wanted to ‘become martyrs’ for Isis in Syria practiced with paintballing

Trini ISIS woman gets death sentence in Iraq: Report

Freedom Rider: Syria and Press Propaganda

Great March of Return organizers: Israeli claims that Hamas is behind protests are lies

Russian senator blasts US strike on Syria as attempt to derail peace process

Highly efficient air defenses can be created in Syria with Russia’s help — senator

  Press review: Russia eyes nixing US contracts and Trump aims to replace US troops in Syria

Soft Power: US Gives Award to US-Funded Agitator

The Final War Has Begun!

UN envoy for Syria to visit Moscow on April 20

With UK Business Elites Profiting From War, It’s No Wonder the Syrian Conflict Continues

Who is the winner in post-ISIS Syria?

Bombing of Syria exposes pro-war politics of France’s New Anti-capitalist Party

Trudeau joins Macron in celebrating air strikes on Syria

Protesters in Britain speak out against air strikes in Syria

As lies on Syrian gas attack unravel, US and UK shift to claims of Russian “cyber war”

Suspected Sydney plane bomb plot ringleader captured in Iraq

Inside the Shadowy PR Firm That’s Lobbying for Regime Change in Syria

Syria SITREP – three useful sources to debunk the nonsense

Suspected plane bomb plotters held in Iraq

Corbyn VS Corker by David Swanson + Wilkerson: War Powers is the Surest Way to Tyranny

Disgusting Conflict of Interest: Theresa May’s Husband’s Investment Firm Made a “Financial Killing” from the Bombing of Syria

Syrian War Report – April 17, 2018: Syrian Forces Repel More Missile Strikes

Saudi in talks with US over troop deployment in Syria

Syria Newslinks 17 April 2018

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