Open Rights Group Newsletter 3 April 2019

3 April 2019 — Open Rights Group

Open Rights Group has announced ORGCon is back on 13 July 2019 with Edward Snowden as our keynote speaker! From the use of data in the democratic process to the impact of algorithms on free expression, we’ll be covering all things digital at our London conference. Early bird tickets are on sale now.

Copyright showdown in Strasbourg

In a blow to a free and open Internet, the European Parliament in Strasbourg voted to pass the Copyright Directive including the notorious Article 13 (now Article 17), which could kick automated censorship into high gear. Despite the setback, the fight isn’t over. Legal challenges are all but certain and there will be opportunities to oppose upload filters when the Directive is incorporated into UK legislation.

Free speech in the crossfire

Open Rights Group sent an open letter with Index on Censorship and Global Partners Digital to Department of Digital Culture Media & Sport (DCMS) Secretary of State Jeremy Wright MP laying out steps to ensure proposals to combat online harms don’t trample free speech. The Government is expected to announce new plans to regulate social media platforms (and social media users) as soon as next week.

Defending the right to parody

The Government is conducting a review of copyright reforms introduced into UK law in 2014, including the right to parody. ORG is collecting evidence to defend this important right and we need your help. Have you or your organisation used parody since 2014? If so please help by telling us your experience by Friday 5 April.

ORG published GDPR Today

10 months after coming into effect, has the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) improved digital privacy across Europe? Check out the latest edition of GDPR Today, which was published by Open Rights Group, to find out.

Thank you for supporting digital rights.

Mike Morel
Campaigns Manager
Open Rights Group

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