COLDTYPE Issue 183 MAY 2019 – is now on line

24 April 2019 — Coldtype Issue

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THE TRIALS OF JULIAN ASSANGE: Welcome to our latest 40-page special issue, dedicated to exposing the continuing state and media harassment of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, who was arrested last month when police stormed his sanctuary at Ecuador’s London embassy, where he had been a political refugee for almost seven years. Our special issue features articles by David Edwards & David Cromwell, Jonathan Cook, Chris Hedges, Caitlin Johnstone, John Pilger, Andre Damon, John W, Whitehead, and satirist CJ Hopkins. These writers detail the squalid circumstances of Assange’s detention and his persecution at  the hands of the British and International media, which seem oblivious to the threat to their own freedom  posed by extradition demands from a US government that wants to jail Assange over the leaking of secret files to Wikileaks by Chelsea Manning in 2010.

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