Information Clearing House Headlines 24 October 2019

24 October 2019 — Information Clearing House

Up In Smoke: The Neocon Assault on Syria Is Finally Over

By David Stockman
And oh by your way, there was no betrayal, either. Continue 


Vicarious Courage on Syria

By Jacob G. Hornberger
The question I have for Republican and Democratic interventionists, is: Why don’t you yourself go to Syria and help out the Kurds? Continue 


Vladimir Putin, Syria’s pacifier-in-chief

By Pepe Escobar
This is a Syria-Russia-Turkey win-win-win. Continue


When U.S. Officials Ignore The President The Outcome Is Chaos

By Moon Of Alabama 
200 soldiers would be left behind in Syria to deny the Syrian government access to its own oil fields in east Syria. Continue 


Steve Bannon – a Profile of a US Apparatchik. From China to the Pope

By Andre Vltchek
The usual Western dogma: full surrender, unconditional obedience, falling to the knees. Continue


Meet two of my personal heroes

Edward Snowden Interviewed By Joe Rogan 

Must Watch -Video
One of the 1st revolutionary’s of the 21st century online era. Continue 

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