A global manufacturing recession

1 October 2019 — Michael Roberts Blog

As we enter October, the global recession is with us – in manufacturing.  The PMI manufacturing activity indexes for most of the major economies are below 50, the threshold for expansion or contraction.  These are only surveys of corporate managers asking them about production, sales, employment etc.  But PMIs have been reasonably accurate indicators of actual industrial and manufacturing output, the data for which follow somewhat later.

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How the Trump Admin Used a Secret Livestream to Spy on Julian Assange

30 September 2019 — Mint Press

Working directly with Ecuador’s corrupt government, the U.S. government abandoned all sense of legality and moral decency by spying on Assange twenty-four hours a day via an illegal livestream surveillance operation set up by a private security firm and approved by Ecuador’s president.

By Jimmysllama

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Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s Remarks and Answers to Media Questions Following the High-Level Week of the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly

30 September 2019 — Internationalist 360°

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov joked that CNN was “fake news” and described the network quizzing him about Moscow’s hypothetical response to a possible US intervention in Venezuela as a “fake question.” (Inc. transcript)
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Veritable Uprising or it’s The (Faux) Real Thing™: Greta and Climate Activism in a Wilderness of Projections

30 September 2019 — Counter Currents

by Phil Rockstroh and Kenn Orphan

[An ‘alternate’ take on Greta Thunberg @ the UNGA. Long but worth reading I think. WB]

PR: Kenn, recently, this observation of mine provoked a measure of ire:  Street demonstrations, even large ones, are apropos of nothing as long as they are manifested as de facto state sanctioned protests. A march proceeds, chants are cast into indifferent air, speechifying comes to pass by the usual gasbags then the assembled head home and carry on as usual. Conversely, a strike means job walk-offs — until the strikers demands are met — not walking out and walking back in the next day.

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Brexit/Bojo News Links 1 October 2019

1 October 2019  18:30 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so check back

Will Boris Johnson become a ‘Brexit martyr’?

Boris Johnson: UK offering EU ‘very constructive’ Brexit proposals

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Is Johnson really going to ‘rein in’ NHS privatisation? Don’t you believe it!

1 October 2019 — True Publica

The Guardian reported last week that Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock plan to “rein in” NHS privatisation in a new NHS Bill to be published next month. NHS England (NHSE) has released a document detailing “22 key changes it believes will be included” in such a bill, and the Guardian tells us their proposals are “likely” to be accepted by government.

Whether any of this will actually happen, given the current level of political uncertainty, is a moot point, of course.

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In Media Newspeak, a ‘Peace Plan’ for Israel/Palestine Is Anything US Proposes

30 September 2019 — FAIR

by Joshua Cho

Prior to the elections in Israel/Palestine in September—marred by blatant racism posturing as the “democratic process,” with millions of Palestinians living under varying degrees of Israeli rule unable to vote due to their ethnicity—Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu generated headlines for repeatedly pledging to annex nearly a third of the illegally occupied West Bank, in violation of international law, to gain support for his and the Likud party’s reelection (New York Times, 9/10/19).

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The Bee: “The Most Important Living Being on the Planet”

1 October 2019 — Physics and Astronomy Zone

Its sting hurts a lot, but if they were to disappear, it would hurt much more.

The Earthwatch Institute concluded in the last debate of the Royal Geographical Society of London, that bees are the most important living being on the planet, however, scientists have also made an announcement: Bees have already entered into extinction risk.

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