Thomas Sankara: Imperialism is the Arsonist of Our Forests and Savannas

1 October 2019 — Internationalist 360°

This speech was first given at the first International Silva Conference for the Protection of the Trees and Forests in Paris. It has been since been disseminated by revolutionaries through many means as a way to underscore the necessity of social revolution and an environmental focus. Now more than ever this speech is necessary to internalize, as we face profound and previously unseen danger regarding environmental crises in capitalism. Comrade Thomas Sankara died in service of this task, and the very least we can do is pay tribute to what it is he died for, and internalize the lessons of the Burkinabè revolution. As always, the following has been made available here for the purposes of study and struggle.

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5G Cell Phone Radiation: How the Telecom Companies Are Losing the Battle to Impose 5G Against the Will of the People By Claire Edwards

7 October 2019 — Global Research

The telecommunications companies and the mainstream media would have you believe that the race to roll out 5G is unstoppable. That you are nothing and no one in the face of a lethal multi-trillion-dollar agenda imposed by some of the most powerful entities on the planet.

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Rebellion in Ecuador Against Neoliberalism and Treason

6 October 2019 — Internationalist 360°

Neoliberalism is hand in hand with treason. Ecuador is rising up and confronting the measures dictated by the IMF and executed by Lenin Moreno in the streets. Hundreds of thousands of people express their discontent in different parts of the country, workers, students, indigenous movements, peasants, teachers, in a word, the people in their diverse expressions.

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