Ecuador News Links 6 October 2019

6 October 2019 — The New Dark Age

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State of emergency declared in Ecuador amid mass protests

Network in Defense of Humanity Alert to the International Community on the State of Emergency in Ecuador

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OPCW: A Site of Struggle for Impartiality, Independence and International Legitimacy in War Crimes Investigations

5 October 2019 — Tim Hayward

By Tim Hayward

The use of chemical weapons is a war crime. The Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) – signed by almost every nation[1] – aims to expunge their use from the face of our planet. Charged with implementing the Convention is the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). Part of its task is to investigate such use when alleged to have occurred. It has played a particularly prominent role in relation to Syria since the US administration under President Obama declared the use of chemical weapons a ‘Red Line’ the transgression of which would trigger military intervention in the war.

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Network in Defense of Humanity Alert to the International Community on the State of Emergency in Ecuador

5 October 2019 — Internationalist 360°

Demonstrators confronted by riot police during protests after Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno’s government ended four-decade-old fuel subsidies, in Quito, Ecuador October 3, 2019.- REUTERS/Ivan Castaneira


The Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity alerts the international community, in particular international bodies and defenders of rights and democracy, about the serious violation of human and collective rights that is evident in Ecuador, after the declaration of a state of emergency for a period of 60 days, by President Moreno.

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State of emergency declared in Ecuador amid mass protests

4 October 2019 — Peoples Dispatch

Thousands mobilized today across Ecuador in rejection of the new set of neoliberal economic measures announced by Lenin Moreno on Tuesday, 277 were detained

Student runs from police in Quito, Ecuador during mass mobilizations against the neoliberal economic reforms of the Moreno government.

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WATCH: Udo Ulfkotte – Bought Journalists

6 October 2019 — Off Guardian

Subtitled and transcribed by Terje Maloy 

In 2014, the German journalist and writer Udo Ulfkotte published a book that created a big stir, describing how the journalistic profession is thoroughly corrupt and infiltrated by intelligence services.

Although eagerly anticipated by many, the English translation of the book, Bought Journalists, does not seem to be forthcoming anytime soon.

[We covered that story at the time – Ed.]

So I have made English subtitles and transcribed this still very relevant 2015-lecture for those that are curious about Ulfkotte’s work. It covers many of the subjects described in the book.

Udo Ulfkotte died of a heart attack in January 2017, in all likelihood part of the severe medical complications he got from his exposure to German-made chemical weapons supplied to Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s.
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