Wikileaks Reveals OPCW Falsified Reports to Blame Syrian Government Instead of Western Backed-Jihadis!

29 October 2019 — Strategic Culture Foundation

Federico Pieraccini

The revelations – studiously ignored by the mainstream media – shed a light on the tangled web weaved by the complicit media and the West’s shameless hypocrisy, involving the OPCW, Wikileaks and Julian Assange’s illegal detention.
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Grenfell Report Phase 1 Seeks to Blame the Firefighters

29 October 2019 — Craig Murray

One simple fact cannot be hidden. The firefighters did not cause the fire. Phase 1 of Judge Sir Martin Moore-Bick’s report of the public inquiry into the Grenfell disaster has been released to relatives prior to publication tomorrow. According to the Guardian, it concentrates blame on the firefighters in charge of tackling the blaze. This is an entirely predictable Establishment ploy; blame the little people.

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Into the Tempest: Essays on the New Global Capitalism

28 October 2019 — Climate & Capitalism
Book Review

The alternative to global capitalism must be a transnational popular project that leads to globalization from below

William I. Robinson
Into the Tempest: Essays on the New Global Capitalism
Haymarket Books, 2018

reviewed by David Klein

Capitalism’s grow-or-die imperative is driving humanity to the brink of extinction. At the present rate of global greenhouse gas emissions, the climate crisis alone could soon end civilization and destroy the biosphere. Biologists report that up to a million species of plants and animals are on the verge of extinction.  Global capitalism is not only creating unprecedented extremes of inequality and injustice, it is wrecking the planet.

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UK: Johnson set to win vote to hold December general election

29 October 2019 — WSWS

By Robert Stevens

MPs voted last night to reject Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s motion to call a snap general election on December 12. Johnson won the vote by 299 to 70 but the Fixed Term Parliament Act (FTPA) requires that general elections can only be called with the votes of two thirds (434) of MPs.

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Agrochemical Apocalypse: Interview with Environmental Campaigner Dr Rosemary Mason

29 October 2019 — Counter Currents


The renowned author and whistleblower Evaggelos Vallianatos describes British environmentalist and campaigner Dr Rosemary Mason as a “defender of the natural world and public health.” I first came across her work a few years ago. It was in the form of an open letter she had sent to an official about the devastating environmental and human health impacts of glyphosate-based weed killers. What had impressed me was the document she had sent to accompany the letter. It was over 20 pages long and contained official data and referred to a plethora of scientific papers to support the case she was making.

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‘This charge is 100% false’: Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal arrested months after reporting on Venezuelan opposition violence

29 October 2019 — Grayzone

The Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal has been arrested on false charges after reporting on Venezuelan opposition violence outside the DC embassy. He describes the manufactured case as part of a wider campaign of political persecution.

By Ben Norton

Max Blumenthal, the editor of the news site The Grayzone, was arrested on the morning of October 25 on a fabricated charge related to the siege of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC that took place between April and May.

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OPCW Whistleblower Panel on the Douma attack of April 2018

23 October, 2019 — Wikileaks

Today WikiLeaks publishes a statement made by a panel that listened to testimony and reviewed evidence from a whistleblower from the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) last week. To accompany this statement, Wikileaks is also publishing a previously leaked engineering assessment of the alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria on April 7th last year. This assessment was omitted in the final report by the OPCW, which does not support its findings.

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