Britain’s Unconvicted Prisoner: Keeping Assange on Lockdown for Neocons in Washington

3 October 2019 — 21st Century Wire


This article is a second piece focusing on Belmarsh prison, where the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, continues to be arbitrarily detained by the British government.  The first part showed how Belmarsh prison has been systematically denying Assange access to justice by restricting all the means through which he could prepare his defence; access to and possession of legal documents, talking to his US lawyers, restricted meetings with his UK lawyers, and access to a laptop as a basic means to prepare his defence.  These restrictions have been imposed in contradiction to all legislation and standards regarding the rights of the prisoner. This piece looks at the weaponizing of Category A prison security and the use of prison healthcare isolation as part of a program of the state-sponsored abuse of a journalist imprisoned for releasing prima facie evidence of US war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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The truth about Brexit medicine shortages

5 October 2019 — True Publica

Last week, TruePublica published an article entitled – The list of Medicines affected by no-deal Brexit, which was read by over 40,000 readers in 24 hours. We decided not to make an issue of the story and simply published the most comprehensive list of medicines either in short supply, expected to be in short supply or where significant price rises were likely.

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“Julian has reached a point where he may die”—Assange’s father John Shipton speaks with the WSWS

5 October 2019 — WSWS

By Johannes Stern

On Thursday the WSWS met John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father, in Berlin to talk about the condition of his son’s jailing in the maximum security Belmarsh Prison in London. The day before Shipton had given a press conference and addressed the weekly “Candles 4 Assange” rally in Berlin, to inform the public about his son’s illegal imprisonment and demand his freedom.

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How Britain keeps people homeless

5 October 2019 — Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Almost all two-bedroom homes available for rent across England, Scotland and Wales are too expensive for families on housing benefit, extensive research by the Bureau has found. Our reporters collected the details of more than 62,000 rental listings and found that less than 6% were affordable when mapped against the local housing benefit rates, which have been frozen since 2016.
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Millions of years of low CO2 … until now By Ian Angus

4 October 2019 — Climate & Capitalism

New study

In Facing the Anthropocene, I showed that CO2 levels are higher than they have been for 800,000 years. New research extends that to 2.6 million years

Earth System scientists describe the Anthropocene as a “no-analog state,” a time when conditions on Earth have changed in unprecedented ways. A new study confirms and extends that conclusion, showing not only that humans have never before experienced carbon dioxide levels this high, but that our ancestors didn’t either.

Greenhouse gas levels haven’t been this high since at least half a million years before homo erectus walked the Earth.

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