Syria News Links 14 October 2019

14 October 2019 • 14:30  — The New Dark Age

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‘Do people really think we should go to war with NATO member Turkey?’ Trump defends Syria withdrawal

Kurds Ally with Damascus Against Turkish Aggression

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Uninhabitable: Gaza faces the moment of truth

13 October 2019 — Jonathan Cook – Americans for Middle East Understanding

Israel has ignored warnings by the United Nations that Gaza is about to become uninhabitable, acting as if Palestinians there can be caged, starved and abused indefinitely. Now crises are unfolding on all fronts – social, economic, political and humanitarian – and Israel is running out of time to find solutions

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Behind Hong Kong’s Black Terror By Pepe Escobar

13 October 2019 — Global Research

Deciphering who’s behind the violence leads to a long list of possibilities

“If we burn, you burn with us.” “Self-destruct together.” (Lam chao.)

The new slogans of Hong Kong’s black bloc – a mob on a rampage connected to the black shirt protestors – made their first appearance on a rainy Sunday afternoon, scrawled on walls in Kowloon.

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The Kurds in Syria By Philip Roddis

14 October 2019 — Off Guardian

Attempts by Third World leaders to establish independent control of their economies, in preference to their economies being used as spheres of profit-accumulation for the sole direct benefit of foreign investors, is almost invariably met by the opposition of investor-dominated foreign governments.” – Stephen Gowans

Adrift on an uncharted ocean we call Life, humans seem drawn to the illusion of certainty like wasps to an open jam jar. God is good! … I think so I am! … Brexit will be dandy/a disaster! … Bashar al-Assad is a Demon/a Saint! … Kurds Good, everyone else Baad!

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Ecuador under President Neo-coño Moreno: The IMF’s Deadly “Economic Medicine”, The Weaponization of Neoliberal Reforms

14 October2019 — Global Research

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Lenin Moreno: aka Neocon Moreno

A popular insurrection is unfolding against the adoption of sweeping IMF reforms imposed by the “centre left” government of President Lenin Moreno.

In March 2019, a 4.2 billion dollar IMF loan was granted to Ecuador.

“We are here to help you” says the IMF. Our objective is to help Ecuador “modernize its economy and pave the way for strong, sustained, and equitable growth.”
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Twitter under fire for profiting from millions of UK users data which it illegally sold to advertisers

14 October 2019 — True Publica

The crooks that run the global social media corps are at it again. Of course, they take Facebook’s lead where last July Facebook’s stock price actually went up after news of a record-breaking $5 billion FTC fine for various privacy violations. Just to repeat that – the fine was five thousand million dollars – and the stock price went up!

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M.I.A. visits Julian Assange in prison: “It’s about truth—and that’s something people have to uphold and fight for” By Laura Tiernan

14 October 2019 — WSWS

Singer and rap artist M.I.A. visited Julian Assange at Belmarsh Prison on Saturday, calling for his freedom. The WikiLeaks publisher and journalist faces extradition to the United States under the Espionage Act, with charges that carry a 175-year prison term.

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Ecuador News Links 14 October 2019

14 Octber 2019 • 15:40 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so check back

Ecuador’s authorities back down to avert coup d’etat, says expert

Ecuadorian govt agrees to repeal austerity law that sparked protests as indigenous groups pledge to stop rallies

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