Brexit News Links 27-28 October 2019

28 October 2019 • 14:15 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so please check back

Brexit: European leaders agree extension to 31 January

Tories keep lying about the NHS, but a new poll shows the truth

Brexit, Workers’ Rights and the Environment: The Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB)

Brexit: Row breaks out in People’s Vote campaign

European leaders agree Brexit ‘flextension’, missing 31 October deadline

MPs to vote on Boris Johnson’s 12 December election call

Operation Brock: No-deal Brexit motorway plan starts on M20

News Daily: Brexit delay decision and IS leader’s death

Unlevelled Fields: Brexit, Workers’ Rights And The Environment

Aid watchdog sounds alarm at UK’s post-Brexit ‘Global Britain’ aid agenda

Brexit: EU considers flexible three-month extension

Brexit election: Government to ‘look at options’

Gina Miller: Police investigate contract killer crowdfunding page

Brexit Stalemate: The EU Considers a Further Extension

Lib Dems carry on making fools of themselves as Tories reject push for early election

Jeremy Corbyn says Labour will ‘stop Boris Johnson’ and is ready to win a general election

European Union delays Brexit extension decision as Corbyn tries to avoid general election By Robert Stevens

Brexit negotiators removed ‘adequate’ from worker rights plan

Brexit election: Lib Dems and SNP plan to force earlier poll

Archbishop of Canterbury challenges Johnson’s ‘inflammatory’ language

‘Patience Is Running Thin’ in Brexit Stalemate

DUP conference: Johnson ‘should seek Brexit deal changes’

Jo Swinson’s bulls**t means any general election will be fought on Johnson’s terms

A Brexit leak confirms Corbyn’s ‘worst fears’ and the looming election is even more crucial

Brexit: ‘Fears confirmed’ over rights at work, says Labour

UK Anti-Fracking Green Mondays: Going,… but not yet gone

Corbyn says Labour’s happy to back a general election if Johnson takes no-deal Brexit off table

Doubts grow over UK environment protection post-Brexit

The Tabloid Curse That Gave Britain Two World Wars, Boris Johnson and Brexit

Brexit Stalemate: the EU considers a further extension

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