For the Eleventh Straight Year, United States Votes “No” to UN Anti-Nazi Resolution

12 November 2019 — Global Research

Israel, Breaking with the US In This Supremely Serious Matter, Supports UN Anti-Nazi Resolution. UK Abstains, Raising Questions of Duplicity

By Carla Stea

It would appear ironic that most of the co-sponsors of Draft Resolution A/C.3/74/L.62: “Combating Glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and Other Practices that Contribute to Fuelling Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance” are nations currently under sanction by the United States, and some by the United Nations Security Council: Belarus, China, Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Nicaragua, Syrian Arab Republic, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and others, not under sanction, including Israel. This resolution was introduced by the Russian Federation. 

The Soviet Union, of which Russia was the largest nation, suffered approximately 30 million deaths as a result of Nazism during World War II, and, of course, the entire country was destroyed. Highly placed diplomatic sources involved in the discussions which led to this eleventh UN Resolution, confirmed that resistance to this resolution was very strong by the delegations of Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Poland, all of whom ultimately abstained. The abstention by the entire European Union is particularly bizarre, considering that theirs was the territory most barbarically subjugated by the Nazis, and whose occupied countries suffered heinous cruelties under nazi occupation.

Algirdas Paleckis.jpg

Lithuania, of course, would oppose this resolution, as that country recently hosted secret CIA prisons which tortured political prisoners who had been “disappeared,” under “Rendition” to Lithuania’s willing hospitality. And, most notoriously, and disgracefully, Lithuania has for a shameful decade persecuted the brilliant politician, Algirdas Palescis (image on the right), who founded the organization, “Lithuania Without Nazism.” Lithuania persists in this vicious persecution of Mr. Paleckis, despite letters to the Lithuanian President and Minister of Justice written by former U.S. Congressman Dennis Kasinich and other eminent persons, in defense of the heroic Palescis’ right to freedom of expression. During my own visit to Vilnius, to attend one of the many court trials to which Mr. Palescis was subjected, he took me on a tour of Vilnius, and told me (a fact corroborated by numerous undisputed and impeccable sources), that prior to World War II  there had been 200,000 Jews living in Lithuania.  195,000 Jews were murdered during the war by Lithuanian Nazis.

The Resolution, adopted by a recorded vote; “Yes”: 121; “No”: 2 (United States and Ukraine); “Abstain”: 55, states:

“Recalling the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal, and the Judgment of the Tribunal which recognized as criminal, inter alia, the SS organization and its integral parts, including the Waffen SS, through its officially accepted members implicated in or with knowledge of the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity connected with the Second World War, as well as other relevant provisions of the Charter and the Judgment, Mindful of the horrors of the Second World War, and stressing in this regard that the victory over Nazism in the Second World War contributed to the establishment of the conditions for the creation of the United Nations, designed to prevent future wars and save succeeding generations from the scourge of war…..5. Expresses deep concern about the glorification, in any form, of the Nazi movement, neo-nazism and former members of the Waffen SS organization, including by erecting monuments and memorials, holding public demonstrations in the name of glorification of the Nazi past, the Nazi movement and neo-Nazism, declaring or attempting to declare such members and those who fought against the anti-Hitler coalition, collaborated with the Nazi movement and committed war crimes and crimes against humanity as participants in national liberation movements, as well as by the renaming of streets glorifying them,…13. Expresses deep concern about increased frequency of attempts and activities intended to desecrate or demolish monuments erected in remembrance of those who fought against Nazism during the Second World War, as well as to unlawfully exhume or remove the remains of such persons, and in this regard urges States to fully comply with their relevant obligations, inter alia, under article 34 of Additional Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions of 1949….”

It is further ironic, indeed shameful that this resolution is opposed by the United States and Ukraine, and the United Kingdom abstained. This raises serious questions about the respective motivations of these “Allies” during World War II. Although President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was fiercely opposed to Nazism, and brilliantly worked with Stalin and Churchill to defeat the Nazis, there were many in the United States, particularly among the oligarchs, who hoped that Hitler would win the war and crush the Soviet Union. Roosevelt used his consummate skill to manoeuver around obstacles within the powerful pro-nazi movement in the United States, including within the State Department and military, in order to compel timely delivery of  “lend-lease” to supply the Soviet Union with desperately needed armaments and other resources, as the Soviet people committed their blood and lives to the anti-nazi war.

Recently released archives within the FDR Library at Hyde Park made possible the publication of the letters exchanged between Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill, in a book published by Yale University Press, entitled “My Dear Mr. Stalin,” by Bennington College and Columbia University graduate, Susan Butler. The book includes numerous pleas by Stalin for the opening of a “Second Front” in Western Europe to distract and draw away the murderous nazi hordes massacring Soviet citizens by the millions, both in actual battle, and in the numerous concentration camps in Belarus, Ukraine, and elsewhere throughout the USSR. Although Roosevelt was supportive of the opening of the Second Front, its creation was continually opposed, or delayed by Churchill, with arguments that were often spurious, perhaps masking his real intent. Among the many conclusions to which these letters lead is that the 1945 meeting in Italy between the British, Americans and Germans, (a meeting from which the Soviet representatives were intentionally excluded) following the defeat of Mussolini, may have had a nefarious purpose.

March 1945: Page 302:

“Conversations had been initiated between Gen. Karl Wolff, ranking SS officer in Italy, and Allen Dulles, OSS chief in Switzerland, regarding the possible surrender of German troops in northern Italy. Harriman, involved in the matter and privy to all the details, on March 12 informed Molotov of the surrender discussions and further that Field Marshal Sir Harold Alexander was sending his American deputy chief of staff, Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, and the chief British intelligence officer, Gen Sir Terence Airey, disguised as civilians, across the Swiss border to talk to Wolff in three days.  Molotov replied that ‘the Soviet Government would like officers representing the Soviet Military Command to participate in these negotiations.’ Harriman consulted with Deane, Marshall and the Joint Chiefs of Staff; all agreed that Soviet participation was undesirable.” Molotov called the refusal ‘utterly unexpected and incomprehensible.’”…Roosevelt had not been informed of the surrender negotiations….Roosevelt sought to allay Stalin’s great fear that Great Britain and the United States were double-crossing the Soviets now that victory was imminent.”

On March 29, 1945 Stalin wrote to Roosevelt:…

”The Soviet Government could not have given a different answer after the Soviet representatives were refused participation in the discussions in Bern with the Germans regarding the possibility of capitulation of German troops and opening the front to Anglo-American troops in Northern Italy…..I agree to negotiations with the enemy on such matter only in the case when these negotiations will not make the situation of the enemy easier, if there will be excluded a possibility for the Germans to maneuver and to use these negotiations for shifting of their troops to other sections of the front, and, first of all, to the Soviet front….  I cannot understand why representatives of the Soviet Command were refused participation in these negotiations and in what way they could cause inconvenience to the representatives of the Allied Command. For your information I have to tell you that the Germans have already made use of the negotiations with the Allied Command and during this period have succeeded in shifting three divisions from Northern Italy to the Soviet front….. The task of coordinated operations with a blow upon the Germans from the West, South and East, announced at the Crimea Conference is to bind the troops of the enemy to the place of their location and not to give the enemy any possibility to maneuver and shift troops in to the necessary for him direction.  This task is being carried out by the Soviet Command. This is being violated by Field marshal Alexander. This circumstance is irritating the Soviet Command and creates ground for mistrust.”

It is extremely interesting that Nazi war criminals were recruited by the British and Americans for use against the Soviet Union following the Soviet victory, at enormous and almost unbearable sacrifice, and Nazi defeat in World War II. The Vatican “Ratline” was used for this “Operation Paperclip” denounced by U.S. Justice Department Official John Loftus in his book “The American Nazi Secret,” and in his other works on this subject. Pope Pius XII was deeply implicated in this scandalous and disgraceful arrangement to protect nazi war criminals, as this Pope was implicated in the horrendous massacre of more than 500,000 Serbs by the Catholic Ustashe at the Jasenovic Concentration Camp in Croatia during WWII. It is perhaps no coincidence that in 1945, when the Soviet victory was assured, the capitalist majordomo Allen Dulles and nazi General Wolff found common cause in Italy, with its rabidly anticommunist Pope Pius XII, and arrangements were made to protect nazi war criminals, and use them, after the war, under false identities, to infiltrate and destabilize and ultimately destroy the Soviet Union. No doubt the Soviets, and Stalin and Molotov, in particular suspected something Machiavellian and sinister in this Anglo-American-German “negotiation” categorically excluding the Soviets, who had borne the ultimate burden and sacrifice defeating the Nazis in World War II. It is extremely interesting that while Churchill is Lionized as an ally in World War II, Roosevelt found it necessary to state to Churchill, whose recalcitrance he found appalling, “We are not fighting this war, Winston, to restore the British Empire.”

It is also important to examine the character of this German General Wolff, with whom Allen Dulles and Fieldmarshal Alexander found such a kindred soul: Burton Hersh’s work: “The Old Boys” (Scribners, 1992) describes General Wolff thus:

“Details from the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem happened to reinforce evidence from an Ulm mass-murder proceeding which generated fresh testimony. Statements taken at Nuremburg indicated that Himmler and his Wolfie were fond of stealing away to the Luftwaffe experimental station at Dachau, where they could watch inmates subjected to high-altitude conditions inside a pressure chamber. The subjects would routinely go mad, and tear open their heads and faces and ‘pull out their hair in an effort to relieve the pressure,’ an assistant remembered. Dulles’s good-natured co-negotiator seems to have had a scientific side. Research must go on, after all..….As time passed, fresh curiosity as to Wolff’s role during the Hitler days built up–  the single piece of documentary evidence against Wolff, Allen Dulles later wrote, was a 1942 paper he signed which ‘requested additional freight cars from the Ministry of Transport for use in Poland.’ It seemed that there was evidence that the cars were for transporting Jews to the extermination camps.  Wolff claimed at his trial that he did not know they were for that purpose. But Allen didn’t quote from the document, which expressed to the State Secretary in the Transportation Ministry Wolff’s ‘special joy that now five thousand members of the Chosen People are going to Treblinka every day.’ The West German prosecutor was to demonstrate that between July and September of 1942 alone Wolff arranged for the boxcars which transferred 300,000 Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto to Auschwitz. ‘Himmler found in him his bureaucrat of death.’”

Carla Stea is Global Research’s correspondent at United Nations Headquarters, New York, N.Y. She is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

Featured image: US snipers pose in front of Nazi SS flag in 2012 (source: Wikimedia Commons)

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