Cuba is Testing Products Against Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

30 January 2020 — Internationalist 360º

Alan Macleod

The Cuban government has announced that it is testing new medical products against a range of chronic illnesses, including cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The Caribbean country has become a hotspot for pharmaceutical research, having already developed techniques that eliminate the transmission of HIV and syphilis between mothers and children. It was not revealed which types of cancer government scientists are testing against, but they have already developed a lung cancer vaccine, skin cancer medicine and new, minimally invasive techniques in esophageal cancer surgery.

Giant US healthcare corporations fear hostile takeover by high-tech companies By Benjamin Mateus

8 July 2019 — WSWS

UnitedHealth Group Inc. brought a lawsuit earlier this year against a former information technology executive, David Smith, accusing him of stealing trade secrets and taking them to his new employer. This was the still unnamed joint venture known as ABC, a healthcare initiative that was launched in 2018 by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase that supposedly intends to address the bloated health industry’s inefficiencies and high costs.

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The Wrong Economic Prescriptions: Deeper Austerity as a “Solution” to Austerity By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers

21 February 2013 — Global Research

Leeches could also be used in bloodletting. The withdrawal of so much blood as to induce syncope (fainting) was considered beneficial, and many sessions would only end when the patient began to swoon.

As the economy shows signs of recession, the leeches return. Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles have issued a new report calling for even deeper austerity. It is not what the economy needs as it stagnates and sputters toward a possible new collapse. Their report combined with President Obama’s State of the Union, the sequestration and Republican dogma are all combining to bring on another round of budget cuts, which will only make recession more likely. Continue reading

Sanctions Not Really Hurting Ordinary Iranians, Says Anonymous U.S. Official By Peter Hart

Pharmacy in Iran

Photo: Vahid Salemi/AP

22 January 2013 — FAIR Blog

We’ve talked so often about the practice of granting anonymity to U.S. officials that it’s hard to be surprised by it. Nonetheless, I was surprised to be reassured in the Washington Post (1/20/13) that the U.S.-led sanctions on Iran aren’t really harming ordinary Iranians–based on the word of an anonymous U.S. official. Continue reading

On the Cusp of Ending Big Pharma: Gene Therapy threatens to Disrupt Big Pharma’s Profiteering By Tony Cartalucci

4 January, 2013 — Global Research – Land Destroyer

Imagine being diagnosed with cancer, a genetic disease, or even age-related deterioration in the morning, given a single injection in the evening, and beginning your recovery the next day. No prescriptions, no lengthy treatments, no difficult decisions between finances and getting better.

This is the promise of gene therapy, a promise already being fulfilled.

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Video: Debtocracy by Katerina Kitidi and Aris Hatzistefanou

20 June 2011 — MRZine

In March 2011, a group of people from different political backgrounds took the initiative to demand the formation of an Audit Committee in Greece.  Academics, writers, artists, union representatives all over the world supported this initiative.  The Audit Committee will find which parts of the debt are odious or illegitimate and will prove that, as provided by Greek and International Law, the Greek people are not obliged to pay such debt.

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Haiti: Partners in Health Works for Justice and Rights By Beverly Bell

1 September 2010 —

With the motto “Providing a preferential option for the poor in health care,” Partners in Health offers an unusual model of health care provision. Its mission is both medical and moral.

Partners in Health is widely recognized as changing the potential for health for low-income people and countries throughout the world. Partners in Health’s extraordinary success comes from its philosophies regarding health and justice, which include a belief in the power and dignity of the patient; a commitment to health care as a human right; and an understanding that true health for the poor can only come through challenging the poverty which causes so much illness. The success of the group also comes from the zeal with which it pursues its philosophies through hands-on medical and social care in several countries.

In a rare interview, Loune Viaud tells about Partners in Health’s Haiti program, Zanmi Lasante, or Friends of Health. Loune serves as Director of Operations and part of the strategy and planning team in Haiti.

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