Big Brother Watch issues legal claim against Welsh Ministers over “unevidenced” Covid Pass scheme

Wednesday, 19 January 2022 — Big Brother Watch

Big Brother Watch Team

Big Brother Watch issues legal claim against Welsh Ministers over “unevidenced” Covid Pass scheme

  •  Civil liberties NGO issues claim in judicial review of Welsh Covid pass scheme
  •  Reasons for Covid pass scheme seen by Big Brother Watch “don’t stand up to scrutiny” – but the Welsh government so far refuses to agree to publish them in full
  •  Big Brother Watch vows to apply to the Court to publish court papers setting out the Welsh Government’s “remarkably weak” justification for Covid passes
  •  Campaigners call to end the “draconian, discriminatory and pointless” Covid pass scheme

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‘Rocking the Foundations’ — the story of Australia’s pioneering red-green trade union

14 August 2013 — Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal

An outstanding historical account of the “Green Bans” first introduced by the communist-led New South Wales Builders Labourers Federation (BLF) in the 1970s in response to community demand to preserve inner-city parkland and historic buildings. One of the first women to be accepted as a builders labourer, filmmaker Pat Fiske in 1985 traced the development of a union whose social and political activities challenged the notion of what a union should be. Continue reading

British government introduces Internet censorship filters By Mark Blackwood

7 August 2013 — WSWS

Complying with the dictates of the Conservative-Liberal-Democrat coalition government, the UK’s biggest Internet Service Providers (ISPs), covering 95 percent of all households, have agreed to initiate a “family-friendly” filtering system for the Internet. Smaller ISPs are expected to follow suit. The government will consider legislation if the self-regulatory agreement does not work.

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What If They Held A Constitutional Convention and Everybody Came? By Dan Hind

1 April 2013 Return of the Public

On March 25th the House of Commons’ Political and Constitutional Reform Committee published Do We Need A Constitutional Convention for the UK? Though the report acknowledged widespread opposition to the idea – from the government, from the Scottish National Party and from the Conservative party in Wales, as well as from some members of the committee itself – it concluded that a convention was necessary, in order to address the growing strains on the UK‘s constitution caused by ‘a huge amount of incremental constitutional change over the past two decades’ (p.17).

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Bradley Manning Newslinks 19 February 2012: Bradley Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

19 February

Bradley Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Western Telegraph
Bradley Manning, who faces counts including aiding the enemy over the leak of thousands of documents to the whistleblower website WikiLeaks, has been nominated by the The Movement of the Icelandic Parliament. In a letter to the Nobel Peace Prize …

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SOPA: Anti-Piracy or Censorship? Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales vs. Copyright Alliance’s Sandra Aistars

19 January 2012 — Democracy Now!

Congressional support for a pair of anti-piracy bills is weakening after Wednesday’s historic online protest in which thousands of websites went dark for 24 hours. Hollywood film studios, music publishers and major broadcasters support the anti-piracy legislation, saying it aims to stop the piracy of copyrighted material over the internet on websites based outside the United States. But critics say the bills could profoundly change the internet by stifling innovation and investment, hallmarks of the free, open internet. We host a debate between Sandra Aistars, executive director of the Copyright Alliance, whose members include the Motion Picture Association of America, NBCUniversal, Time Warner, Viacom, ASCAP and BMI, and Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Sales. Watch/Listen/Read

No More Waiting: Holmes And Watson Roll Again By the Winter Patriot

28 Oct 2010 — Winter Patriot

[I am familiar with Winter Patriot’s work but not with this, though the idea of writing an online serial is something I did a few years back with a novel I wrote in weekly installments called ‘XX’. You can read the first 21 chapters here, in PDF format. William]


Holmes and Watson on their way to Wales

I have been away for more than a week, and during that time at least three or four readers have been waiting patiently for Chapter 20 of my factual/fictional work-in-progress, in which Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are investigating the mysterious death of Welsh code-breaker Gareth Williams.

Fortunately for all of us, the wait is over. I am back at my desk on a more regular basis, and the 20th chapter is finished and posted.

I understand that following a serial-in-progress can be frustrating for those who prefer to read the last page of a mystery first. They want to see how it turns out before they read the rest of the book, and in this case it is simply not possible.

On the other hand, there may be some compensation in knowing that the last page of this story is not yet written — and that my readers will find out what happens immediately after I find out myself.

For those who have been waiting, here’s the newest: [Chapter 20: Unthinkable]

For those wishing to start at the beginning, this would be the link: [Sherlock Holmes and the Alderny Street Mystery]

Many thanks to those who have been encouraging me with respect to the “Alderney Street” project. I hope you will enjoy the newest chapter and those to come.

More soonest…

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