Is Lockheed Martin Dictating Politico’s War Propaganda Articles in Secret? Hell No–They’re Doing it Right Out in the Open

Thursday, 27 January 2022 — CovertAction Magazine

By Jeremy Kuzmarov

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Check out Politico’s latest “independent” news story designed to scare the bejeezus out of its readers and justify the cry for more and bigger military hardware contracts to fatten the coffers of our leading weapons makers.

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US Hits “Search and Destroy” Against China’s New Silk Roads

10 December 2020 — Asia Times

By Pepe Escobar

Seven years after being launched by President Xi Jinping, first in Astana and then in Jakarta, the New Silk Roads, or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) increasingly drive the American plutocratic oligarchy completely nuts.

The relentless paranoia about the Chinese “threat” has much to do with the exit ramp offered by Beijing to a Global South permanently indebted to IMF/World Bank exploitation.

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General Atomics bring in BAE Systems to lobby for ‘Protector’ drone to fly in UK by Chris Cole

28 January 2019 — Drone Wars 

SkyGuardian MQ-9B, dubbed ‘Protector’ by UK MoD

Drone manufacturer, General Atomics, hosted an event in London on 24 January in order – as its press release put it – “to recognize UK companies that are contributing to operational systems such as MQ-9 Reaper and MQ-1C Gray Eagle, and the new MQ-9B SkyGuardian RPA program” (which the UK MoD is calling ‘Protector’).

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Media: WaPo Fails to Note Raytheon, Saudi Funding of Advocate for Raytheon Arms to Saudis

6 June 2017 — FAIR

Gerald Feierstein (image: Middle East Institute)

The Washington Post (3/8/17) quoted former Ambassador Gerald Feierstein on the wisdom of selling Raytheon weapons to Saudi Arabia–without noting that Feierstein’s Middle East Institute is funded by both Saudi Arabia and Raytheon. (image: Middle East Institute)

In a piece for the Just Security blog (6/5/17) about the impact of weapons industry contributions on a Saudi arms vote, Ryan Goodman notes that “money also pollutes other policy spaces that influence congressional votes”—including the news media:

In March of this year, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee invited former ambassador Gerald Feierstein—director of the Center for Gulf Affairs at the Middle East Institute—to speak about the situation in Yemen and about his views on the sale of US arms to the Saudis. As one might have anticipated from his interview in the Washington Post, Feierstein told the committee, “Accusations of war crimes leveled against Saudi and Coalition armed forces and threats to end arms sales to the Saudis have the potential to inflict long-lasting damage to these relationships.”

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Mining your information for big brother By Pratap Chatterjee

15 October 2013 — Asia Times Online


Big Bro is watching you. Inside your mobile phone and hidden behind your web browser are little known software products marketed by contractors to the government that can follow you around anywhere. No longer the wide-eyed fantasies of conspiracy theorists, these technologies are routinely installed in all of our data devices by companies that sell them to Washington for a profit. 

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Syria: The US Military-Industrial complex tied to pro-war propaganda

11 October 2013 — Presstv

US media analysts in Syria debate tied to defense contractors

Military analysts who recently made frequent appearances on major US media outlets to make the case for a military strike against Syria have ties to prominent defense contractors and other firms with stakes in the conflict, according to a new report.

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Stop NATO News: December 30, 2011: U.S. Aircraft Carrier Crosses Strait Of Hormuz Toward Iran

30 December 2011 — Stop NATO

  • U.S. Aircraft Carrier Crosses Strait Of Hormuz Toward Iran
  • 154 Warplanes: U.S. Signs $29 Billion Deal With Saudis For F-15s
  • United Arab Emirates: First Overseas Deployment Of Advanced U.S. Interceptors
  • Russia: Main Goal Of U.S., NATO In Libya Was To Murder Gaddafi
  • Afghan Soldier Slays Two NATO Counterparts
  • Georgia Expects Chicago Summit To Advance NATO Integration
  • Kosovo Serbs: The Right To A Homeland
  • Russian UN Envoy Warns Of International Destabilization In New Year
  • Egypt: Military Junta Versus U.S. ‘NGOs’
  • Raytheon Gets Contract For U.S. And NATO Interceptor Missiles
  • U.S. Ambassador Applauds Caspian-Caucasus-Europe Pipeline

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New Riot Police Shields Will Suffocate Protestors With Acoustic Waves

17 December 2011 — The Wild Wild Left

riot shields.jpgMore new toys on the horizon from Raytheon of Waltham, Massachusetts to make the coming police state terror goons as efficient as possible when dealing with those dirty f’ing regular people sleeping in parks unreasonably expecting that their constitutional rights will still accrue in the new world order.

Yoo ain’t seen nuthin’ yet…

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