Wikileaks Daily News Roundup 31 December, 2010

31 December, 2010 —

WikiLeaks show US frustrated with Egypt military
The Associated Press
21, 2008, released by WikiLeaks. “But the aging leadership, however, has
resisted our efforts and remained satisfied with continuing to do what they
have …

Call for openness after Wikileaks
BBC News
Ministers should be more transparent and resist any urge to “clam up” after
the Wikileaks revelations, according to the information commissioner. …

WikiLeaks’ Collateral Damage
Wall Street Journal
As a result of the WikiLeaks revelations, Mr. Mugabe’s handpicked Attorney
General, Johannes Tomana, this week formed a commission to determine
whether Mr. …

FBI Raids Texas Server Farm for Clues to Anonymous Group, Operation Payback
… two hard drives from a server in a Texas company believed to have been
used to launch the DDoS attack against PayPal as part of a pro-WikiLeaks
protest. …

Chinese yuan strengthens after Wikileaks forecast
… a 5% rise in the yuan against the dollar for 2011. The news was
reported by Agence France-Presse, based on a cable released by the
WikiLeaks website.

8 Smears and Misconceptions About WikiLeaks Spread By the Media
The corporate media’s tendency to blare misinformation and outright
fabrications has been particularly egregious in coverage of WikiLeaks. …

Wikileaks on the religion beat
It’s been a while since we discussed anything related to Wikileaks. A few
weeks ago we looked at a story that discussed the morality of the Wikileaks
model. …

Top international story of 2010: WikiLeaks as corn nuts
Jerusalem Post
The results are in: Some 34% of readers voted the latest WikiLeaks releases
as the biggest international story of 2010. In second place was the rescue
of …

US urged allies to boost cell phone service to target terrorists: WikiLeaks
New York Daily News
WASHINGTON – The controversial WikiLeaks document dump offers a rare
glimpse into the tactics US officials use to prevent terror attacks here.

FORENSIC FORCE: WikiLeaks and Nigeria’s intelligence agencies
By Salisu Suleiman If anything has emerged from WikiLeaks’ exposure of
thousands of secret cables from American diplomatic missions worldwide, …

Protesters at Beale AFB decry treatment of alleged WikiLeaks figure Manning
Manning is suspected of downloading thousands of secret reports and
diplomatic cables and handing them over to WikiLeaks. The protesters
encouraged members …

WikiLeaks on Panama: Laying Bare the Paranoid, Pro-Corporate Agenda
Huffington Post (blog)
If Julian Assange’s main goal is to restore greater transparency and
accountability in government, then the WikiLeaks founder may have succeeded
at long …

2010: Year of the WikiLeaks wizard
Vancouver Sun
The story of the year 2010 will be marked indelibly by WikiLeaks’ online
publications, first of American military field reports on the Afghan and
Iraq wars, …

Wikileaks Ghana: The Aftermath
By Fredua Dankwa Jr. American friends will say; ‘is that all ya got?’. The
most significant of the “real” during the previous administration. …

From Antennagate to WikiLeaks: the year in tech lunacy
It’s all here – from the WikiLeaks madness, iPhone Antennagate, and faked
CEO expense claims, to wronged women, shameless U-turns, and sleepless
Microsoft …

WikiLeaks proves stronger whistleblower protection needed
Reporter Online
By Louis Clark Hysteria and anger over WikiLeaks have led to calls in
Congress to widen the scope of espionage law violations. Essentially, this
serves as a …

From WikiLeaks to Wedding Bells
Wall Street Journal
PIGS went to the slaughter; that warm glow from across the Atlantic cooled;
WikiLeaks—letting us know what diplomats really think—soured
international …

Top 10 Media Stories of 2010: WikiLeaks, Facebook, iPad Mania
Much has been made about both men trying to make our lives more
transparent, Facebook with its 500-million-strong social network, and
WikiLeaks with its …

CNN Poll: WikiLeaks has few fans in US
CNN Political Ticker (blog)
A just-released CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll finds 77 percent of
Americans disapprove of the online organization’s release of thousands of

HaikuLeaks — The New Way to Read Your WikiLeaks
Bored of the day to day releases on WikiLeaks? Wish that Cablegate was a
bit more… artsy? Never fear, NewsFeed is here to help. And we give you .

Poll: Assange 2010’s ‘Most Intriguing’
31 (UPI) — Atlanta-based said WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was
chosen by visitors as the “Most Intriguing Person” of 2010. …

WikiLeaks goring military was all right with the left
Has anyone else noted that as long as WikiLeaks was goring the US military
with potentially embarrassing information, dangerous to our troops, …,0,2997185.story

If Only WikiLeaks Existed Before the Iraq War Began: Die Zeit, Germany
The Moderate Voice
But just imagine for a moment if Assange’s WikiLeaks made public White
House documents prior to the Iraq War. We could have read how George W.
Bush’s men …

WikiLeaks backers say Zimbabwe websites shut down
Cyber activists say they have brought down Zimbabwean government websites
after the president’s wife sued a newspaper for publishing a WikiLeaks
cable …,7340,L-4007072,00.html

Letters | WikiLeaks and Ward
Boulder Weekly
The Wikileaks saga illustrates the fact that just because somebody does
something worthwhile (make brilliant films, open relations with China, …

Condoleezza Rice memo outed by Wikileaks ties Syria to North Korea, Israel …
Green Celebrity Network
The alleged details of the report are, as the latest Wikileaks scandal
threatens to do more harm than good with regard to information stirring
international …

What Psychology Could Add to the Wikileaks Debate
Big Think (blog)
So I found nothing to admire in Wikileaks’ violation of privacy in its
cables release. Sure, I was titillated and amused to read what American
diplomats …

Wikileaks cable indicates plot in killing of Bolivian-Hungarian mercenary
… in order to discredit regional separatists in Santa Cruz province,
according to correspondence from the US embassy in La Paz released by
WikiLeaks. …

Top 5 Privacy Violations of 2010
Huffington Post (blog)
Wikileaks — Wikileaks claims that it exists to ensure transparency, but we
are rapidly learning that transparency comes with consequences. …

Free speech is in jeopardy
Casper Star-Tribune Online
The WikiLeaks affair is under attack from governments, including our own,
that want to hide their misdeeds and not just legitimate secrets as they
claim. …

FBI Investigating Pro-WikiLeaks ‘Operation Payback’
By Amar Toor
It’s no secret that the U.S. government is going after WikiLeaks and its
elusive founder Julian Assange. According to the Smoking Gun, however,

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Threatens to Use ‘Insurance’ if Arrested …
By Eric Calouro
WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Photo WikiLeaks founder and front man
Julian Assange (now free on bail under the circumstances that he remains in
place at a wealthy friend’s flat) is dishing out the ultimate of
ultimatums. …

If the Justice Department Is Investigating Manning-Wikileaks, Why …
By Cynthia Kouril
WikiLeaks says that their software allows a leaker to upload information to
them with complete anonymity. WikiLeaks’ editor Julian Assange has
repeatedly said that he does not know if Private Bradley Manning is, in
fact, the leaker of … Leaks or no Leaks? “ WikiLeaks: UAE considered …
By admin
(22.12.2010) Viele Menschen fragen sich, ob Wikileaks auch für
Geheimdienste von Bedeutung ist, besonders für die amerikanischen.
Diskutiert wird dann über Meldungen wie diese : “CIA launches task force
to assess impact of U.S. cables’ …

The Nor’easter: WikiLeaks Problem Solved | Opinion | Epoch Times
By By Evan Mantyk/Epoch Times Staff
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange recently signed a $1.3 million book deal
and WikiLeaks is set to reveal more startling documents about corruption in
Russia and UFOs, two topics that I think do badly need to bear the light of

EU Referendum: Wikileaks and The Guardian
By Richard
Wikileaks and The Guardian · Open thread: the stuff of politics · Clever
boy! Is there a connection? Biggest Douche in the Universe Award 2010 ·
They were all at it · The fall of Moscow · No worries · Morano on Fox ·
Twenty hours in 40 …

What Wikileaks Exposed in 2010 : Dispatches from the Culture Wars
The indispensable Glenn Greenwald lists some of the things that we learned
in 2010 from WikiLeaks that we would not have known otherwise. It’s a
compelling list. We learned about 15000 civilian deaths in Iraq that had
been scrubbed from …

WikiLeaks show US frustrated with Egypt military | Washington Examiner
By The Associated Press
21, 2008, released by WikiLeaks. “But the aging leadership, however, has
resisted our efforts and remained satisfied with continuing to do what they
have done for years: train for force-on-force warfare with a premium on
grounds forces …

Anorak News “ Julian Assange Dresses As Santa Claus: Wikileaks …
By Anorak
Mr Assange is the subject of a bizarre set of photographs in Newsweek. In
one photo taken during his enforced stay at Ellingham Hall, Mr Wikileaks is
dressed a Santa…

Montana’s “Inquisition” and Wikileaks | Corrente
By MontanaMaven
In light of all the noise about Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and Joe
Lieberman’s “ upgrading” The Espionage Act of 1917, it ‘s probably a good
idea to take a look backwards to the Montana Council of Defense. (Yes,
President Obama and MSNBC …

The Humble Libertarian: Get Real: WikiLeaks is NOT an Inside Job
By W. E. Messamore
“On the web are blog posts and columns that attempt to link Julian Assange
and his WikiLeaks organization to Israel, or to the Rothschilds, or to the
CIA. WikiLeaks, these pieces insist, is a psy-op designed to somehow help
bring about …

By Anon
The CIA and Mossad appear, through Wikileaks, to have expressed their wish
to topple Tunisia’s president, Ben Ali. Wikileaks published a US government
cable which described Tunisia as a ‘police state’, and, not sufficiently
friendly to …

Weasel Zippers “ Blog Archive “ WikiLeaks Founder: I’ll Release …
(Ynet)- Julian Assange, founder of the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks,
said he holds the names of senior officials in the Arab world who visit US
embassies in their respective countries voluntarily “to establish
links” with the CIA. …

WikiLeaks: antisemitic campaign to shut Libyan M&S
By Eeyore
Objects in history may be closer than they appear” – Eeyore for Vlad.

¡Viva WikiLeaks! SiCKO Was Not Banned in Cuba |
Yesterday WikiLeaks did an amazing thing and released a classified State
Department cable that dealt, in part, with me and my film, ‘Sicko.’ …

CIA launches the Wikileaks Task Force, or “WTF” for short – Boing …
Via our pals at Danger Room: “The CIA has a Wikileaks Task Force. That’s
right: a WTF.” More at the Washington Post. “Wonder if they ride around in

Norwegian daily says it has obtained WikiLeaks documents – CNN
A Norwegian daily newspaper has been given access to the 250000 or so
classified diplomatic cables held by WikiLeaks, the publication’s managing
editor told …

WIKILEAKS: Africa Offers Easy Uranium – IPS
Wikileaks cables have revealed a disturbing development in the African
uranium mining industry: abysmal safety and security standards in the
mines, …

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