How can we prevent climate catastrophe? By Phil Gasper

30 March 2019 — MROnline

California Wildfire

International Socialist Review, Issue #112 (Spring 2019)

It’s not hyperbole to say that the accelerating climate emergency, which is getting closer to spiraling out of control, is the most serious crisis that humanity has faced in its entire history. Two reports came out at the end of 2018 that ought to have put aside any doubt that we are facing an existential crisis that threatens the continued survival of advanced human societies and possibly even our continued existence as a species.

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NATO’s Unrelenting Expansion Could Trigger a Major Nuclear War By Shane Quinn

30 March 2019 — Global Research

Germany has still to recover from Hitler’s assumption to power.

Less than two years ago Montenegro became the 29th state to join NATO, an American-led military alliance that has become a far-reaching intervention force since the USSR’s demise. The accession of mighty Montenegro to NATO must have set hearts fluttering across the Atlantic in Washington.

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Syria: Is US Fighting ISIS or Liquidating Assets? By Tony Cartalucci

30 March 2019 — Land Destroyer

(Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – That the “final stronghold” of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) resides in US occupied territory in Syria says it all.

From US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) memos dating back to 2012 noting efforts to create a “Salafist” [Islamic] “principality” [State] in eastern Syria precisely where ISIS rose and now clings to its “final stronghold,” to the obvious fact that ISIS’ fighting capacity was only possible through extensive state sponsorship – it was already clear that the US and its partners in regime change against Syria had been using terrorists including ISIS as proxy ground forces.

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The US has Locked China as its Enemy No. 1 By Salman Rafi Sheikh

30 March 2019 — New Eastern Outlook


Although a South China Morning Post news article of March 9 tried to dismiss a popular notion that there is going on a ‘clash of civilisations’ between the US and China and further showed that the present conflict between the two states could potentially be resolved by “reaching for universalist rather than nationalist values and principles”, the so-called universalism would remain a utopia as long as the nation-state continues to be the primary unit of international order, keeping the primacy of nationalist values and interests over universal. Its illustration can also be found in the strategic and security postures that the U.S., the so-called super-power clinging to the out-dated notion of unilateral hegemony, continues to develop in order to resist other powers’ rise and prevent its own downfall as the sole super-power.

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Venezuela Roundup – 9

29 March 2019 — 

  • Moscow responds to U.S. threat
  • Sniper rifle took out hydroelectric plant
  • Fake photos of Venezuelan health situation: AFP
  • Guaido announces “tactical action”

Russia has made a strong response to the U.S. warning on the Venezuela situation while more information on the electricity sabotage and fake photographs disseminated by the interventionists is being exposed.
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New contributions to the theory and practice of Marxist Ecosocialism

29 March 2019 — Climate & Capitalism

Book Review
Michael Löwy reviews two important books for ecosocialists: ‘Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism’ by Kohei Saito, and ‘Red-Green Revolution’ by Victor Wallis.

Michael Löwy was co-author, with Joel Kovel, of the first Ecosocialist Manifesto (2001). His most recent book is Ecosocialism: A Radical Alternative to the Capitalist Ecological Catastrophe. (Haymarket Books, 2015)

Kohei Saito: KARL MARX’S ECOSOCIALISM: Capital, Nature, and the Unfinished Critique of Political Economy)(Monthly Review Press, 2017)

Victor Wallis. RED-GREEN REVOLUTION: The Politics and Technology of Ecosocialism (Political Animal Press. 2018)

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Venezuela Newslinks 28-29 March 2019

29 March 2019 17:50 — The New Dark Age

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US-Russian Escalation on Venezuela: A Background Perspective By William Serafino

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US-Russian Escalation on Venezuela: A Background Perspective By William Serafino

28 March 2019 — Internationalist 360°

The distant and sometimes evasive treatment of the international media with respect to the figure of Juan Guaidó, has made evident his erosion. Two months after having proclaimed himself “president of the Republic”, the deputy for the state of Vargas, invested by the United States and the Western media industry as a consensus figure with the capacity to rearticulate anti-Chávezism in a common agenda, has failed to crystallize the forced exit of the constitutional government of Venezuela.

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