China News Links 8 October 2019

8 October 2019 — The New Dark Age

There may be some duplication due to cross-posting and may be updated throughout the day, so check back

SITREP: Zhongnanhai, 10-8-2019 – The Real Hot War Against the Chinese Peoples Republic Trump’s Impeachment is all about Russia!

Trump Regime Escalates Economic War on China China-U.S. Relations: From Trade War to Hot War? Is China “Buying Brazil”? Has President Bolsonaro Changed His Aggressive Anti-China Stance? Global economy will lose $700 bln by 2020 due to trade conflicts, says IMF head Selected Articles: US-China Telecom Warfare China to be key guest nation of St. Petersburg Int’l Cultural Forum, says culture ministry Record greenhouse emission registered in Russian Arctic US-China Telecom Warfare: Myanmar Turns to China’s Huawei Despite US Pressure Will Fed Make Trump A New Herbert Hoover? Number of people over the age of 60 growing on Hainan Could blacklisting China’s AI champions backfire? More than 4 mln tourists visit Hainan during China’s 70th anniversary festivities China’s Xi and India’s Modi to Hold Summit this Week Regionalization in Eurasia: Competition or Complementarity? From Hostility to Warmness: Why has Brazilian President Changed his Aggressive Anti-China Actions? Iran – Military Expenditures and Arms Imports The Plot to Overthrow the Pope Did China Just Announce the End of US Primacy in the Pacific? US blacklists China organisations over Xinjiang ‘Uighur abuse’ Washington Prefers Confrontation With Russia to Dialogue and Cooperation China welcomes Russia’s collective security concept for Persian Gulf Russia’s Standing in LNG Market How Come Africa is Going to Get as “Democratic” as it Could Possibly Be Australian PM aligns with Trump administration against “globalism” and China Little prospect of agreement as US-China trade talks set to resume South Park China: Writers in mock apology after Beijing censorship Myanmar Turns to China’s Huawei Despite US Pressure I Think I Owe It To My Readers. A Blow to US… China to Invest $280bn in Iran Sectors Targeted by Sanctions India-South Korea Security Cooperation. What Impacts on China? Myanmar Turns to China’s Huawei Despite US Pressure On Russia And China (Again). China Takes A Comprehensive Trade Deal Off The Table, And That Is Disastrous News For The U.S. Economy Pakistan -China -India Relations: Imran Khan’s China Visit Meant to Influence President Xi’s Upcoming India Meeting

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