Media: Eager for World War III on MSNBC

22 June 2017 — FAIR

MSNBC: Escalating Tensions

“Escalating Tensions”: After the US shot down a Syrian plane, MSNBC‘s Andrea Mitchell asserted, “The criticism is that the president is reluctant to go after Russia.”

If we’re heading toward World War III, let’s hope that some episodes of MSNBC‘s Andrea Mitchell Reports survive the nuclear winter to provide future civilizations with some clues as to how we got there.

Mitchell’s June 19 show was a typical example of the current mentality of the US security state. A short segment in the show featured Jeremy Bash, currently a military consultant and formerly the chief of staff for both the Department of Defense and the CIA under Leon Panetta in the Obama administration.

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Syria: The US Military-Industrial complex tied to pro-war propaganda

11 October 2013 — Presstv

US media analysts in Syria debate tied to defense contractors

Military analysts who recently made frequent appearances on major US media outlets to make the case for a military strike against Syria have ties to prominent defense contractors and other firms with stakes in the conflict, according to a new report.

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Turning Their Back on Bradley Manning

4 December 2012 — FAIR

 Whistleblower speaks–but press doesn’t listen

As the alleged source of many of the most vital WikiLeaks reports of the past several years, U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning shed considerable light on how the United States has prosecuted the Iraq and Afghan wars. Other State Department cables reportedly leaked by Manning conveyed vital information about U.S. foreign policy.

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Bradley Manning Newslinks 13-14 March 2012: Manning Treatment “Cruel, Inhuman” Torture Chief Admits

14 March



UN official critical of Manning detention

CNN (blog)

US Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of aiding the enemy by passing reams of classified military documents to WikiLeaks, may have been treated inhumanely by the US military since his arrest in 2010, according to a report from the United Nations’ top …

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Stop Nato Updates on Libyan war: 3 April 2011

3 April 2011 — Stop NATO

Libyan War In Third Week As NATO Takes Command

Libyan War: U.S. Agrees To NATO Request For More Air Strikes
Libya Warns Of Catastrophe If NATO Bombs Great Man-Made River
Video And Text: MSNBC’s Longstanding Love Affair With War
Over 200 NATO Warplanes Pounding Libya, More To Come
Libya: NATO Conducts 547 Sorties, 218 Air Strikes In Three Days
Libyan War: 205 Aircraft In 363 Missions Since NATO Took Over
West Will Reap The Whirlwind Over Its Proxy War In Libya
Worrying Global Trend: West Exploits Civil Wars To Advance Its Own Interests
NATO Air Strikes Kill At Least 30 Libyan Rebels
Report: U.S., Egypt Training Libyan Rebels
Libya: CIA’s Civil War

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