Arabian Sights: Israel A Mad Infected Attack Dog for the Racist Colonial Criminal Barbaric West…Gaza: Here we go again…

19 November 2012Arabian Sights

De niro

[As ever, Gamila Zahran produces excellent news roundups under the title Arabian Sights. Unfortunately, there is no Website but you can subscribe: WB]

“Another savage aggression against the Gaza Strip has begun. Once again, Israel is bombing the Gaza Strip,”… “Because of that, we ask for a world of peace…[where] aggression against Syria, Palestine, and the peoples of the world stops,” — Chavez


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Resources on CIA / Mossad involvement in the assassination of Rafiq Hariri

8 July 2011 — cmi Brazil

[Came across this extremely comprehensive list of links to stories on the assassination of Rafik Hariri, that I think is worth distributing more widely.  And here’s a link to over 850 stories on this site that deal with Hariri and the context. WB]

This is the epic cia murder of Rafiq Hariri stl fiasco.

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Russia Today: A new kind of media? By William Bowles

2 July 2011

Is Russia Today a sign of things to come in the world media order?

A global, digital media cuts both ways or as they say ‘what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander’. The arrival of The Real News Network, Democracy Now! and grtv for example demonstrates what can be done, even on a shoestring budget. But to get onto the global media circuit still requires big bucks in spite of all the talk about ‘convergence’ and ‘citizen journalism’.

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